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(2 / 5) is an internet pharmacy that sells tramadol, an opioid painkiller. Most of their business is restricted to the US, though they have suggested on more than one occasion that they can make deliveries to patients in any country around the world that permits the importation of drugs. They guarantee quick processing, convenient payment methods, fast deliveries, high-quality products, and safe transactions, to mention but a few.

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(1 / 5) is a pharmacy website that focuses on the sale of mostly generic medications for wide-ranging conditions such as diabetes and common colds. A major claim that this drugstore website makes is that it offers the world’s lowest prices. This is something very hard for what seems like a small and unknown pharmaceutical website to do. In this article, we are going to be sharing our findings of this e-commerce drugstore so that our readers can make a better-informed decision about whether or not buying from this e-commerce platform is worth it.

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(3 / 5) is a website from the United States that markets and sells medicine. They are quick to inform curious customers that they are not a real pharmacy. Rather, they sell products that other licensed pharmacies own. Simply put, they have created a platform that gives consumers access to their medical partners. The website does the difficult work of receiving the patient’s order, passing it on to the dispensary, and then initiating a delivery once a client’s order has been successfully processed. They guarantee the best prices and impeccable customer service, not to mention safe and effective medicine.

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