Why You Shouldn’t Use Ivermectin

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COVID-19 has not been the only thing spreading around the world. Alongside it, numerous pseudo theories have arisen about how you can apparently treat these illnesses. One of the major ones has to do with an antiparasitic drug called Ivermectin. It has inaccurately been praised as an effective cure for COVID-19. In this article, we are going to cover why this is actually not the case and it can in fact be deadly.

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Do “Anti-Aging” Diets Work?


Anti-aging diets have increasingly become more popular. Research studies have further proved that this type of diet can lead to a healthy lifespan. Anti-aging diets ensure caloric restriction; at the same time, this diet will strictly limit a person’s daily intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and amino acids. You must be now wondering if an anti-aging diet works? Does this diet offer beneficial effects to our body? Well, you can now find more details about this topic in the sections below.

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Recovering COVID Patients Face Long-Term ‘Brain Fog’

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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought lingering problems to those who have been hit by it. Those who were lucky enough to recover suffered from loss of taste and smell, which for some still did not return, despite having recovered months ago. Those who got their sense of taste and smell back reported that they could taste hints of flavor but could not get the whole experience of the food. They could also smell a little here and there, but the experience was muted. Here are a few other side-effects of the Covid-19 virus on patients that have long recovered from it.

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Prescription Pills for Nausea

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The term ‘nausea’ refers to the involuntary urge to vomit. Some people treat nausea as an illness. In fact, many online drugstore reviews list nausea as one of the illnesses that various online pharmacies treat. However, nausea is a symptom. Sometimes, it is accompanied by other symptoms, such as dizziness and stomach pain. On other occasions, it is the only observable symptom. Nausea has numerous treatments. Most doctors won’t prescribe pills for the ailment until they have discovered the cause. If you want to buy your own prescription pills for nausea, without first consulting a doctor, it may take you a while to select a suitable drug. This is because the market has a plethora of options.

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Prescription Drugs for Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are far more common than people think. But when the illness emerges, most people are too embarrassed to seek medical assistance. Some of them will permit the ailment to run its course. Others will rely on home remedies to fight the problem. But many doctors have warned against the use of home remedies whose efficacy is still in question. They encourage patients with severe hemorrhoids to visit a health professional because, in some situations, prescription drugs are the best solution.

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Common Infectious Diseases

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Infectious diseases have become a common concern as of late because of the COVID 19 pandemic. In fact, the pandemic has become such a serious threat that all other diseases have taken a back seat, at least for the moment. However, they are not gone. Some medical professionals have raised concerns over the issue. They believe that the coronavirus pandemic has become such a prominent issue that people have started to forget all the other infectious diseases, some of which can prove to be fatal if you permit them to go untreated.

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Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects

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The Coronavirus has swept the world since early 2020, yet the response has been unprecedented with the top scientists around the world being able to develop multiple working COVID-19 vaccines within less than a year. There is a large number of symptoms caused by the vaccines, each ranging from the severity and also how commonly they occur. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most common Coronavirus vaccine side effects that you should be aware of.

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