Zuranolone as Depression Treatment


At times, we all suffer from feelings or emotions which can alter our mood. Feeling angry or sad doesn’t necessarily result in behavioral issues. However, some people suffer more severe symptoms than others and can be diagnosed as a medical condition. Do you sometimes suffer from unexplained emotion that alters your mood?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “280 million people around the globe suffer from depression.” Depression is a common illness worldwide. Research suggests depression is very common among individuals from the ages of 14 to 60. There are also common symptoms associated with depression.


What Is Depression?

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Depression is known as a common, but serious condition that has an impact on the way you feel or alters your mood/behavior. Feelings of depression can cause you to lose interest in activities you once enjoyed. The feelings of sadness or hopelessness can be severe and lead to clinical depression also known as major depressive disorder.

At this point, professional assistance is highly recommended. A professional has the trained expertise to diagnose and set a treatment option that may include prescription medication. If you believe you’re suffering from depression, it’s important to talk to your doctor.


Symptoms of Depression

Depression can take on many common symptoms which can impact both children’s and adults’ suffering. The symptoms of depression can range from moderate to severe. Oftentimes, depression will come with feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or worthlessness. possible causesThese feelings can also greatly alter your mood or behavior.

Symptoms of depression can include:

  • general discomfort
  • anxiety
  • irritable/agitation
  • mood swings
  • insomnia

Social isolation is a severe symptom of depression. It can make it hard to get out of bed, difficultly with daily chores, or lack of interest in activities you once enjoyed.


Impact on Children & Adults


common symptoms among childrenA child suffering from depression can suffer from a lifelong impact from the disorder. They’re in the development stages of cognitive growth and more likely to fall victim to suicide. The symptoms of suicide and the medication are harder on children and young adults. Therapy is usually highly referred to among young adults.

As a result of increased depression, “suicide has increased among children and young adults by 51%,”  according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Many teens who commit suicide are suffering from depression. They have questions or thoughts about suicide and left untreated, can result in them committing suicide.


Adult depression can be triggered by reasons caused by the adult themselves. For example, drugs and alcohol play a major role in adult depression. In fact, family issues, adult roles, finances, and more can cause result in depression.

symptoms of depressionA small percentage of adults do commit suicide because of depression. As an adult, it’s more common to take medication for their depression. A doctor can diagnose you with depression and recommend the best treatment options available for your unique options. The good news is, depression is treatable for both children and adults.

Before we discuss your treatment options, take a look at the short video clip below to learn more about how depression works.


Treatment Options For Depression

There are many successful treatment options for depression that includes medicine and therapy. Hospitalization may be needed if a patient has self-destructive behavior or displays acts of self-harm as treatment. As far as medication, Zuranolone has been showing signs of significant progress in the treatment of depression. Keep reading more details below to find out more about the breakthrough of Zuranolone on depression.

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What Is Zuranolone?

drugsZuranolone is a research drug sponsored by SAGE Therapeutics. It’s being used in the treatment of depressive disorders. As a neuroactive steroid, it targets the GABA pathway receptor in the brain. Research on the medication has been compared against a placebo which has received promising feedback from the medical community.

Researchers had adults of all ages take a once-a-day pill for 14 days. After the study, many adults were able to presume their daily functions quicker when compared to other known medications on the market for depression. By day 42 of the study, researchers have been able to see significant results.

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To obtain Zuranolone, you should talk to your doctor. They can recommend a research study testing the drug on patients with depression. Research is needed for approval from the FDA before the medication is distributed to the mainstream public. You can treat the symptoms contributing to your depression including anxiety or hopelessness with a once-a-day oral pill.

Your doctor can test you and see if you’re a good candidate for the research drug. You’ll take a series of tests to see if you are able to take the once-a-day pill and for how long you should be prescribed the medication for your unique case of depression.
how it worksThere are many online pharmacies that provide great reviews of Zuranolone. You can talk to them about known research studies you may qualify for or to become a research respondent on depression. There have been very few side effects from Zuranolone which has also been popular among researchers. This means you’re less likely to gain weight or develop life-threatening side effects.

When compared with other mainstream depression medications, Zuranolone users have fewer side effects and were able to return to a life of normalcy much sooner. Are you ready to become a part of depression research? Talk to your doctor about Zuranolone today.



Depression is a common, but serious illness that can impact both children and adults. A professional is licensed and trained to diagnose your depression and recommend the best treatment option. Depression is treatable and medications like Zuranolone are making a tremendous breakthrough in the field of depression. There’s still a lot of research being done on Zuranolone before it’s approved by the FDA and bought to the mainstream through popular pharmaceutical companies. You don’t have to suffer from depression there are groundbreaking treatment options underway.

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