US Coronavirus Cases


The COVID-19 type of coronavirus is the new term in trend, being a disease-causing pathogen that has since proved impossible to contain. The first COVID-19 illness case was confirmed in China in December 2019, and the spread is quite rapid. Since December, more countries have reported illness and death cases from the disease, with China leading in all the cases. In China, more than a whopping 2,800 death cases have been confirmed, and counting.

confirmed cases

Forty-five countries have confirmed being hit by the disease, with Nigeria and the UK being the latest victims as if the 28th of February, 2019. In total, there are more than 82,000 infected persons globally, and an average death rate of 2%, though this figure is highly volatile. Some of the most notable infection cases include the case for Iran’s vice president, Masoumeh Ebtekar. She, alongside other top government officials, tested positive for the virus.


United States Cases

In the United States, the COVID-19 has tested positive in 60+1 people across six confirmed states.

Community Spread

Community Spread, according to the CDC, is the occurrence of the COVID-19 cases with the source of infection remaining unknown.


One person diagnosed with the disease in California had an exceptional case. She had no history of coming in contact with any infected individuals and hadn’t traveled to or from any country with a history of the disease. She wasn’t as well a passenger in Japan’s Diamond Princess cruise ship. Her case was reported on the 28th of February 2020, early in the morning, and it has obliged the CDC to adopt new testing criteria. Initially, the patient hadn’t qualified for the test for having not traveled to any suspicious country or having had any contact with an infected person.

This case with unknown origin could lead to a massive breakout of the disease, and it leaves the state with no clue about who else could be having the disease.


Meanwhile, the other 60 novel cases are spread across the country. Forty-two of the cases came from passengers of the Diamond Princess ship that docked in Japan. Three of the cases that make the number 45 were from patients repatriated from Wuhan, China. The remaining 15 cases are domestic. Among the domestic cases are patients from Arizona, California, Illinois, Washington, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts.

Apart from the already infected, there are also persons under investigation. These are people who’ve met the requirements laid down by the CDC for people that need testing.

Problems Encountered by The CDC

There have also been reports of only a few coronavirus testing kits in the United States. Also, the test criteria, before being revised after the above Community Spread, could have lead to more spread because some people weren’t going to be tested at all.

Complaints Raised By People


One of the major complaints that have been raised by the people comes after the US health agency’s remark that sought to advise them on how to curb the spread cases. The statement had it that citizens only need to take a few “simple steps” that include washing hands after contact, staying home if you feel sick, and contacting a doctor over your condition.

People raised complaints of poor health insurance, harsh employers that may sack you if you stay at home instead of reporting to work, and others. They said that these measures could only be observed by those in good financial positions and great health insurance covers.

A Few Notable Events in The Us in 2020 Following The Outbreak of the COVID-19


On the 28th of January, the CDC issued a warning (rated level 3) that citizens of the US should avoid all unnecessary travels to China. However, this warning was upgraded to level 4 on the next day, and it now commanded that all travelers to the Chinese province of Hubei should be stopped. Moreover, the CDC further announced that 20 US airports would scan all incoming travelers from China.

On 29-01-2020, American Airlines announced a temporary suspension of all flights between Los Angeles and Shanghai & Beijing, China, through to the month of March. However, on the next day (30-02-2020), the US state department issued the highest (level 4) level of war ING to its citizens NOT to travel to China.


On 31-01-2020, the American, Delta, and United suspended flights to mainland China. On the same date, the COVID-19 is declared an official public health emergency! Also, President Donald Trump signs an order denying entry to the United States, all foreign nationals that have traveled to China in the previous fortnight except close US citizens’ relatives.



Note: Despite all these COVID-19 disease cases, there hasn’t been reported any death cases in the US, which sounds good.

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