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4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

We trust pharmacies in to give us the medications we require however there are very few trustworthy online-pharmacies all over the Internet. Some people are not very much aware of what can be proofs that one website is legit, not a scam. Considering that false pharmacies online are more mostly false, we can easily fall and be deluded by their trickery. So let us examine Tylenol.com.

Domain Details
Registration Date1996-03-06
Owner CountryUnited States
Business Information
Name of OrganisationJohnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Domain Information

The domain information of the website was surveyed from WhoIs and it was discovered that their site was registered as far back as on 6th March 1996. It then was last updated on the date of February 2019 and it expires on 7th March 2020. Their website functions under these following name servers: ns1.jnj.com, ns3.jnj.com, and ns5.jnj.com. The site’s registrant, administrative, technical and billing contacts each only provide the information: [email protected] Other information such as the country they are based in and their states remain anonymous and unknown to the public eye.



Business Profile


According to their business history, their former name was McNeil, named after Robert McNeil, the founder of their business in the state of Philadelphia, United States, in the year of 1879. It is said he produced and sold medicines all over the city to doctors and some hospitals. His son then took over the business whose management lasted fifty years beginning in 1904 and in 1933 McNeil Pharmacy was renamed to McNeil Laboratories. Over the years they acquired new products to sell the Tylenol Elixir for children and Johnson & Johnson had affiliated with the McNeil Laboratories in the year 1959. In 1979, they became the number #1 brand in the Health and Beauty Aid category products. They also have a Symptoms and Treatments page that lists down symptoms of your probable illnesses and which of their Tylenol are best to combat it. They also have other webpages that specialize for Children and Infants, and Safety and Dosing.


Regulatory Approvals

Prescriptions and official authorities are one of the most salient details for you to purchase pharmaceutical medication that are long as associated with one’s health. Lucky for you, they are all FDA approved (as each Paracetamol products are approved by the FDA). They mention in their FAQs (and also mentioned in every products’ details before purchasing) that they require a prescription before selling their Tylenol.

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Product and Pricing

Their products are all Tylenol of various concentrations and specialties like:


✔ Regular
✔ Children’s
✔ Headache
✔ Muscle-pain
✔ Sleep and Pain
✔ Arthritis
✔ Cold and Flu

However, the prices are unknown unless you click certain products. They vary depending on where you purchase your Tylenol.


Payment and Shipping Methods

As mentioned, they have a diverse set of methods to pay for their products and for them to be shipped through their retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target. They do mostly need your credit or debit cards and Amazon also offers another payment through invoice. After purchasing your desired product, it will be shipped to you by those multiple sites. So the days and hours until it reaches your home will also vary, depending on which site you have ordered from, and depending upon your country, there could also be import/export tariffs and taxes.

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Brief Overview

The website offers a long and detailed history, offers news about them and their products and their FAQs answers are all written eloquently and are easy to understand. Their long history is also proof of how dependable they are. You can absolutely trust them as they are also, as mentioned regarding authorized approvals, FDA approved. They offer a variety of Tylenol and even have special pages for symptoms and which of their medicines are perfect to cure them (although they should not replace a doctor’s visit). Their prices are reasonable and their ingredients are thoroughly listed so if any of them are your allergies, you could avoid purchasing those products.




There are people out there who only care about their profits and there are those who care about other people’s wellbeing. Go to the nearest doctor, get your prescription and once it is given to you, you can purchase an FDA licensed supplement. Your health is very important to your family and to you, you matter a lot to them more than you realize, so be cautious. This is a legit online drugstore with a 4-star trust rating.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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