Tiromel.net Reviews – Trap Waiting to Spring

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

Tiromel.net is an online pharmaceutical company that sells and delivers medical products to consumers the world over. They primarily deal with steroidal items targeted towards bodybuilders and athletes. The company works with licensed drugstores in various markets to deliver on the promises it makes to its loyal consumers.

Domain Details
Registration Date2014-05-05
Owner CountryLithuania
Business Information
Name of OrganisationTIROMEL T3
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Emailcontact form only
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingfor orders over $500 -Airmail
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Domain Details

This website has been in operation for almost five years. It has undergone two changes on two unique IP addresses and four changes on four unique name servers. Some of the company’s online activity is shrouded in mystery but that doesn’t mean it has anything to hide. Five years is a decent life span. It means that the website is doing enough things right to remain in the good graces of its consumers.



Related Websites

This domain has more than a dozen related websites. Most of these sites actually have decent scamadviser.com trust ratings. In fact, some of them are as high as 90% and that is quite surprising when you consider the fact that this drugstore’s ScamAdviser trust rating is 0%. Not only is that rating abysmal but it also hints at the strong possibility that the pharmacy might be a scam.

zero trust


Business Profile

Little to nothing is known about this internet drugstore. It has made no effort to shed light on its origins or the individuals behind its operations. ScamAdviser believes that they might have their base in Lithuania. But more than likely, the business is physically situated in Turkey. They place a lot of emphasis on steroidal treatments and, in particular, Tiromel by Abdi Ibrahim. The drug is a synthetic thyroid hormone that doctors have used to combat ailments like hypothyroidism. You also have athletes flocking to the product because of its ability to destroy body fat and encourage muscle growth.Lithuania


Regulatory Authorization

This website claims that it is a licensed pharmacy that has spent the last several years working within the legal framework to dispense prescription and nonprescription drugs. They also claim that the only work with licensed drug dealers to acquire and deliver only original medical products. However, none of those claims can be verified. There is no paper trail anywhere online proving that the portal has the legal authority to buy and sell drugs. It is probably for this reason that LegitScript has chosen to classify them as a rogue internet pharmacy.



Available Products

This medical dispensary is designed to contend with the needs of athletes and bodybuilders. For that reason, you will find that their stock constitutes products such as:


✔ Fat Burners
✔ Tiromel
✔ Oral Steroids

Their products are meant to burn fat, boost metabolism and grow muscle. They claim that every product on their shelves is 100% original.


Pricing, Payment, and Deliveries

The steroids you will find on this website are just about as expensive as the steroids on any other medical website. In this case, though, you can take advantage of special promotions such as a 10% discount that the company has attached to drugs in the PCT Category. On the issue of payments, the firm is actually quite comprehensive. They accept Western Union and MoneyGram. But they also take Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Golem, Augur, Litecoin and Ripple to mention but a few. People who use Bitcoin are given a 10% refund that they can claim as Store Credit. When it comes to deliveries, consumers can choose between:delivery

✔ Express Shipping which costs $40
✔ Registered Airmail which costs $15

Orders can be tracked.



This website has a very poor online presence. So it isn’t so surprising to find that they have no reviews and testimonials from consumers online. The site has a relatively dormant Facebook page with two generic comments whose validity cannot be determined.

no comments



It is very difficult to argue that this medical portal is legit, which is why it only earns a trust rating of 2 stars. The website doesn’t have any visible accreditation or authentication from any organization of note permitting it to dispense drugs. So much of its operations are hidden. No one even knows for sure when the company started. And the fact that it pushes the use of cryptocurrency so heavily might elicit suspicion from some people.

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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