Specialty-Pharma.biz Reviews – Too Many Issues

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Specialty-Pharma.biz is a medical firm that sells medical products via the internet. Little to nothing of note is known about this company besides the fact that it delivers the drugs it sells to consumers from all over the world. They guarantee the utmost security and satisfaction with regards to the information they collect from consumers and the products they offer.

Domain Details
Registration Date2017-08-14
Owner CountryRussia, Germany
Business Information
Name of OrganisationSpecialty Pharma
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods
American Expressno



This website was created on the 14th of August 2017. In other words, it has been in operation for less than 600 days, which is less than two years. You should take great care when dealing with websites that haven’t been around for very long because they could be scams in disguise. Portals that commit fraud generally boast very short lifespans because they don’t need to stick around for a particularly long period of time in order to achieve their goals. Of course, just because this particular online drugstore has such a short lifespan doesn’t automatically mean it isn’t legit. After all, every website was once new. That being said, you need to watch this one carefully. Give the pharmacy a bit of time to prove to you that it is worthy of your trust.



Related Websites

This pharmacy has a very troubling ScamAdviser trust rating of 11%. If that wasn’t problematic enough, the site sits on a server that hosts a litany of equally untrustworthy websites, this including:

can be unsafe

✔ PillStore.to
✔ Online-Pharmacy-Direct24.net
✔ NoRxPharmaStore24.com

The company a website keeps will tell you volumes about its legitimacy. And the fact that this drugstore has so many related websites with equally pathetic trust ratings severely hurts its reputation.


Business Profile

Nothing of significance is known about this company. It owners have chosen to use an anonymous service to hide their identity. So there is no way of knowing where the pharmacy comes from or who created it. ScamAdviser has identified Germany as its country of origin, though, there is evidence connecting them to Holland. This lack of transparency is bound to hurt the website in the eyes of many people. After all, the only reason they would have to operate so surreptitiously is if they have something to hide. Add the lack of valid SSL certification and the absence of feedback for this pharmacy from other sites and it is easy to see why the medical firm is mired in so much doubt.



Regulatory Authorization

LegitScript calls this a rogue internet pharmacy. This is because they haven’t been authorized to dispense prescription and nonprescription drugs by any country in the world. In other words, their business activities are completely illegal.



Available Products

Like most internet pharmacies, this site stocks those common drugs you expect to find in the average drugstore, this including:


✔ Anti-asthma drugs
✔ Anti-Malarial drugs
✔ Anti-Herpes Drugs
✔ Anti-Fungal Medicine
✔ Antibiotics

You can only initiate orders through the website. Once you find the drug you need, submitting an order is a simple matter of following the instructions. No prescriptions are required. More importantly, the company doesn’t closely scrutinize any of the orders it receives. In other words, there is no medical expert on offer waiting to determine whether every drug that has been purchased is right for the patient to whom it will be delivered. The website cannot guide you through your healthcare challenges. In fact, its customer support staff encourages you to first consult your own doctor before ordering any products from them.


Pricing, Payments, and Deliveries

The prices you will find on this website are nothing special. The drugs on offer are far from expensive but they are not so cheap as to stand out from their competitors When it comes to payments, you can only use Visa. No other options are made available. On the issue of Deliveries, the company ships to all countries around the world. You can choose between Regular Mail and Express Mail. Regular Mail doesn’t provide tracking services. Express Mail will cost you $30 and you can expect to get your order within 14 days.




The drugstore doesn’t have any notable reviews on the internet, not even on its official website. The one testimonial from a customer on Trustpilot.com chastises the medical firm for its rude customer support staff.

no reviews



This is another 1-star website. It earns the trust rating via its anonymous owner, mysterious origins, poor Scamadviser.com rating, and non-existent customer feedback. The short lifespan doesn’t help either.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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4 thoughts on “Specialty-Pharma.biz Reviews – Too Many Issues”

  1. Specialty-Pharma is using my web page to sell products from and I have had my web sites go down because Godaddy had them suspended because they said I had a trademark breach. I have tried to contact Specialty-Pharma but have had no reply. What can I do about this?

    • Hello, Ian! We are sorry you have such a problem with the online pharmacy, but unfortunately, we can’t help you in this situation, because we don’t communicate with pharmacies and have no influence on them as well.

  2. I have ordered soma from this site and all their benzos and they are all real and the great thing was no prescription needed and I know they were real because I ordered a drug test for benzodiazepines and they came back positive.

    • Hi, Mike! That’s great you were satisfied with your order but we still warn other people that this website’s services might be unsafe.

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