Signs of Fake Online Pharmacy

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The popularity of online pharmacies has rapidly increased over the past few years. And, of course, we can’t deny the fact that internet drugstores offer plenty of benefits to the customers. These drugstores are nothing but an online marketplace where you can browse, select, and purchase your required medications. So, there won’t be any hassles of standing in a long queue and you can place your orders online. On top of that, these drugstore websites even give you an opportunity to get your orders delivered at your doorstep.


But, the only problem is that you can’t rely on any random online pharmacy. That’s because not every online drugstore that is running their business on the internet is legit, reliable, and trustworthy. To be more precise, a major portion of these internet drugstores are a scam. These rogue platforms are simply running a deceptive business. That’s why when you are purchasing medicines from a web drugstore platform, you will definitely need to find out whether it is genuine or it is fake and rogue. Now, you must be wondering how you can easily spot out a fake pharmacy. Well, there are some probable signs of a fake pharmacy. All you are needed to look into these signs so that you can find out if an internet drugstore is legit or it’s a scam. To know more details on the legit pharmacies, you can check our online pharmacy reviews.


Reveal Four Common Signs of a Fake Online Pharmacy

✔ Regulatory Approvals


This is one of the key parameters through which you can find out if the platform is genuine or it is simply running a fake business. Typically, all legit pharmacies must be approved by any of the regulatory authorities. Needless to mention, there is a myriad of regulatory agencies that extend approval to a pharmacy based on several parameters. Some of these regulatory agencies have international recognition and acclaim. For instance, is a well-known regulatory authority that mostly provides approvals to Canada-based online pharmacies. Of course, checks a wide range of parameters for certifying a pharmacy. checks whether the platform dispenses their medications through licensed and certified drug manufacturers, if there is any prescription requirement, and if the pharmacy has a valid address and contact details, etc. Thus, if you are planning to purchase some medications from such an online pharmacy that belongs to Canada, then do not forget to check if it has CIPA approval. Similarly, if you are purchasing medicines via a UK-based online pharmacy, then please do not forget to check if it has approval from MHRA.


In addition to CIPA and MHRA, there is one more renowned regulatory authority ( that allows you to validate an online pharmacy via their website. In this case, all you are needed is to visit the website of LegitScript, type the website address of the pharmacy, and search for the details. If the pharmacy has successfully fulfilled all the verification rules and regulations that are set by LegitScript, then it will be marked as an approved pharmacy. Alternatively, if the pharmacy has failed to fulfill all the verification rules and regulations that are set by LegitScript, then it will be marked as a rogue.

✔ Types of Medications

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To trick the customers, the fake internet pharmacies may showcase you with a wide range of different medications. However, among this common range of medicines, the platform also deals with men’s health-related drugs. According to our analysis, it’s a common factor for any rogue, scam, and fake drugstores i.e. they sell men’s health medicines. These platforms deal with men’s health-related medicines in most of the cases. So, when you are visiting the website of an online pharmacy, please do not forget to check what are the types of medicines available for the customers. If you find that the platform mostly focuses on selling generic men’s health-related drugs, then it’s probably a fake pharmacy.

✔ Drug Pricing

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While it’s extremely important to validate the above two parameters, such as regulatory approvals and types of drugs; it’s equally important to check the drug pricing. In most of the cases, the fake online pharmacies purposely keep their drug pricing as low as possible. These platforms mostly deal with low quality and counterfeit medications. That’s why they keep their drug pricing much lower than the average market rate. Some times, you may find that their drug pricing is less than a dollar per pill. By keeping such low drug pricing, the platform attempts to persuade the customers in placing an order with them. But, you are requested not to fall into such traps. If you find out that the drug pricing of an online pharmacy is excessively lower than the average market pricing, then it’s most probable that the platform is a fake pharmacy and it’s selling cheap and counterfeit medications.


✔ Domain Profile and Business Profile

You have already revealed three important parameters by which you can spot a fake online pharmacy. In addition to it, you can also check the domain profile and business profile of an internet drugstore. To check the domain details of a pharmacy, you can take the assistance of WhoIs. Also, to check the business profile details of a pharmacy, you can take the assistance of ScamAdviser. If you find the business profile and domain profile of a drugstore look ok and reliable, then it’s most probably not a fake online pharmacy.


Final Verdict

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It’s not easy to find out a legit online drugstore. That’s why you are recommended to check our online pharmacy reviews. Additionally, the common signs of a fake online pharmacy are discussed above. There are a total of four parameters. If you have meticulously validated the above four parameters, then you should be able to differentiate between a legit drugstore and a fake pharmacy. In this context, if you are looking for a detailed overview of legit internet drugstores, then please quickly check online pharmacy reviews.

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