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Are you looking for some platforms where you can easily find online drugstore reviews? If yes, then you have surely landed on the right page. Of course, it’s quite important to check the customer reviews first before you make a purchase from an internet drugstore. But, unfortunately, there are not many platforms where you can get such real-time pharmacy reviews. But, do not worry much! We have already consolidated the list of such platforms where you will find and go through online drugstore reviews. We have provided a brief overview of each of these platforms. To know more about these platforms, kindly keep reading the following sections and reveal more details about them.



Certainly, one of the best ways to find real-time customer reviews of an online drugstore is possible through this particular site i.e. TrustPilot. Needless to mention, this platform has worldwide popularity. Customers from all around the world can use this platform to post their feedback about a pharmacy and its services. Now, by checking these real-time customer reviews, you will able to know whether the pharmacy is legit or it isn’t.


On TrustPilot, a customer can post their reviews and testimonials about any platform including online drugstores. Along with that, the rating can also be given too.

Note, TrustPilot is completely free to use the platform and it’s open for all customers. Anyone can post reviews on this platform regarding their favorite drugstores. Alternatively, if you have found that the service and quality of products that a pharmacy deals with aren’t up to the mark, then also you can post your complaints on TrustPilot as well.

Now, here’s a fact. Typically, we have found that those pharmacies that have received various positive customer feedback, they are most likely to be legit and genuine. On the contrary, the platforms that haven’t received many customer testimonials, they can possibly be a fraud and counterfeit.



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When you’re looking for a trusted source of real-time online drugstore reviews, then you can look into this platform too. As the name indicates, the platform is dedicated to helping you find out a safe and reliable internet pharmacy.

The platform was established in the year 2003. And, since that time period, PharmacyChecker is actively helping the patients and customers to find out licensed pharmacies in both Canada and various other countries. Just like TrustPilot, this platform can also help you to find out both online pharmacy reviews and pharmacy ratings.


CR or Consumer Reports

There can be so many platforms where you can find reviews of internet pharmacies. Now, the main problem is that all of these platforms may not be trustworthy enough! For example, some of them may mislead you by posting fake and manipulative feedback. But, CR or Consumer Reports is an exception. This is another great platform that can be used to find out any pharmacy reviews. Once you can navigate to this website, you can easily find out objective ratings and reviews of any pharmacy very easily.




You must have already heard about ScamAdviser. Aren’t you? Well, this is an extremely well-known platform where real-time customer feedbacks can be easily found. ScamAdviser helps you find out various aspects of any pharmacy platform. For example, it will help you to find out the business profile details of a pharmacy, address, and possible country likelihood, etc. Additionally, they provide an overall rating to the pharmacy and clearly indicate whether it’s risky or it’s safe enough to be trusted. Thus, next time whenever you are searching for online pharmacy reviews, please make sure to check ScamAdviser as well.

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Consumer Affairs

Well, this is another platform where you may find some genuine customer reviews posted on various internet pharmacies. This can be a great way to validate the legitimacy of a pharmacy before you place an order with them. In this way, you can potentially avoid any scam and illegal online drugstore.

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Other Options

In the above sections, we have discussed the five most well-known and trustworthy platforms where customer reviews can be found very easily. Other than that, there may be some other platforms as well that you may look into. Here’s the list of such platforms where you may search for the internet pharmacy customer reviews, for example,, indeed,, etc.

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In the previous sections, you have revealed the name of various platforms where you can find real-time customer reviews, ratings, and feedback. Now, do you have any idea of how you can search for customer reviews? Well, it’s very simple and straight-forward. All you will have to visit any of the above-mentioned platforms like TrustPilot, PharmacyChecker, CR or Consumer Reports, ScamAdviser, and Consumer Affairs. Once you have visited these platforms, search for the drugstore (by entering the website URL of the pharmacy) and check if there are any customer reviews or not. As stated earlier, most of the genuine online drugstores should have real-time customer feedback. However, in case if it’s a rogue or if it’s running a scam business, then there may not be any customer reviews as such.



Are you searching for a legit online drugstore? If yes, then please beware! The internet is already flooded with plenty of fraudulent, cheat, and scam online drugstores that may mislead you to place an order. But, they are surely a scam! Now, you must be wondering how to spot a rogue pharmacy? Well, you can easily find out if a pharmacy is legit or a scam by checking its customer reviews. There are a bunch of websites where online pharmacy reviews are typically posted, such as:

✔ TrustPilot
✔ PharmacyChecker
✔ CR or Consumer Reports
✔ ScamAdviser
✔ Consumer Affairs

We will recommend you to navigate to one of these platforms to check the customer reviews first. In case the customer reviews seem to be genuine, positive and ok, then only you should proceed to place an order with that drugstore site.

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