Reviews – Looks Legit, But Questions Remain

(3.5 / 5) claims to offer a service that manages patient assistance programs for individuals qualified to get their medication year-round for one single fee of $50 a month for each medication. We reviewed the service recently to check how legit their services are and offer a clear picture to the people looking to use their service. Read below to know more about what we found during our investigation.

Domain Details
Registration Date2006-01-02
Owner CountryUnited States
Business Information
Name of OrganisationPrescription Hope Inc.
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods
American Expressyes


Domain Information

The Whois data of this service says the domain was created way back in 2nd January 2006 and currently has an expiry date of 2nd January 2023. Domains with a longer lifespan is an indicator of a reliable and trustworthy business. Another good sign is the business is running on its server instead of a shared one. However, to be completely sure, we need to check other details also.



Business Profile

The ScamAdviser data says the business is owned by Prescription Hope, Inc and it is located in Florida, USA. We often see rogue pharmacies use proxy services to hide these details, but that’s not in this case which is another positive sign. The location given is in Stuart, Florida and simple Google Maps search tells us that is correct.



Regulatory Approvals

Since the service does not dispense pills directly, they don’t need accreditation from traditional authorities such as CIPA, MPA, Pharmacy Checker, etc who regulate these online pharmacies. Furthermore, LegitScript also did not review the pharmacy either because of the same reasons. However, they are a BBB accredited business for a long time now with an NR rating meaning their services can be trusted.

likely legit


Available Services

The pharmacy does not sell products and instead, offers an unusual model to patients to get their medications on time. They charge a fixed monthly fee per drug you are consuming and offer access to over 1,500 most popular prescription suppliers in the United States. They also work with over 150 drug manufacturers in the country to find the best deals for their customers without compromising quality.


Product Pricing

The pharmacy charges a fixed monthly fee of $50 regardless of the cost of your medicine for that month. So, if you are spending hundreds of dollars on a specific drug every month, you can make huge savings by using their services. And this is where comes the big question – If they are charging a fixed price for medicine that costs far more than $50, then how can this pharmacy make money? You can get $1,000 worth of drugs at the price of $50. Something is not right with this business and they need to address this as soon as possible.



Payment Options

The business did not offer much information about what payment options they accept. However, like most pharmacies, they too likely accept all the major payment methods such as:

✔ Visa and Mastercard
✔ And possibly E-Checks

Your card will be charged within 48 hours of submitting your enrolment form. The pharmacy has McAfee security seal on their website meaning they will most likely won’t steal or duplicate your sensitive information during checkout.


How It Works

Again, the pharmacy is not a pharmacy in an actual sense as they do not dispense medicines to their customers directly. The medicines will be dispatched by the manufacturers they work with and you are unlikely to incur any shipping charges. This ensures that the medicines will be safe and of good quality as they directly come from the manufacturers in the United States and not from any third-party service providers.



Customer Testimonials

They do have some customer testimonials on their website, but they are video testimonials meaning the service approached the customer and ask to make those reviews and might get an incentive in return but we are unsure of that. It is better to check reviews in the independent sites as those reviews will be far more likely to be genuine and offer a more balanced view of their services. Their BBB profile page has some reviews and but mostly hidden as they have been resolved. But the ones that are still in public eyes, say they have been charged even when they are not receiving their meds, which does raise some eyebrows.

positive comment



Even though we mostly found positive stuff from the pharmacy, some questions remained unanswered. How the pharmacy makes money when the prescription bill goes over $50? And do they charge their customers even when they are not taking meds? Unless we get these answers, it is very hard to recommend this business as their services look suspicious and not legit. We give this service 3.5 out of 5 stars based on our findings.

(3.5 / 5)

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Simon Davis

2 thoughts on “ Reviews – Looks Legit, But Questions Remain”

  1. Prescription Hope is nothing but a huge scam. You fill out an application for their service as an advocate on your behalf for one of the dozens of the pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s “Patient Assistance Programs” or PAPs. ANYONE can fill out a PAP application on their own and receive the medication absolutely for free if they qualify. I have fairly low income and I have been receiving completely free medications for years from Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline, and others. Why in the world would anyone pay these greedy, immoral parasites anything to fill out a form that you can do yourself? If you are taking a branded drug (not a generic) look up the website for the particular manufacturer’s Patient Assistant Program. They all list the parameters needed to qualify (mostly income based-not assets). Print out the form and follow the directions for applying. There will never be a mention of a credit card or any type of payment… EVER! I don’t know how the government or the Pharmaceutical companies allow Prescription Hope to operate, they should be closed down and the thieving owners put in jail for selling drugs that are supposed to be free to the needy. Of course, they would say they are not selling drugs, but rather charge a fee to process paperwork that again anyone can easily do on their own. Disgusting company!

    • Hello, Harvey! Thanks for the detailed comment. Your complaints about this company are clearly not unfounded, but the policies of different companies may differ from one another. You could contact Prescription Hope and ask why filling out the form is a paid service.

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