Prescription and Nonprescription Drugs


More drugs are being sold today than at any other point in history. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry has thrived. The fact that so many people need so much medication should be a cause for concern. But medical professionals have argued that the current proliferation of illnesses is nothing new. Rather, in centuries gone by, the human race had no other choice but to suffer through the rigors and aches that viruses and germs exerted.

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Today, doctors are better equipped to help manage some of mankind’s more intrusive illnesses. The fact that so many people are so dependent on chemical drugs simply proves that human beings are living longer, more comfortable lives. It is also worth noting that governments have taken great strides in their efforts to control the pharmaceutical industry in response to the rising demand for chemical medicaments. European and North American nations have gone to great lengths to install mechanisms and tools that can scrutinize the quality of the drugs that their populations consume with the intention of making certain that only the safest and least hazardous medical products are sold to patients.

fdaAnd regardless of the many hiccups that arise from time to time, one has to conclude that these legal and technical mechanisms have worked. The FDA is renowned worldwide for being the biggest and toughest obstacle to keeping substandard medicine away from desperate consumers. However, that raises a question. Does the presence of organizations like the FDA mean that consumers are safe from harmful drugs? Unfortunately, the answer is a bold “NO”. The efforts of organizations like the FDA should be commended but they are only present in the traditional pharmaceutical arena. A significant portion of all the drugs purchased in any given year come from the internet, and from internet companies that are neither licensed to operate legally nor regulated with regards to the drugs they sell.


Why Internet Pharmacies are so popular?

Internet pharmacies are convenient. Yes, drug prices have skyrocketed and it has become much cheaper to meet one’s medical needs through the internet. However, even individuals who can afford to buy drugs the traditional way continue to prioritize internet firms because they are convenient. That can be attributed to the fact that many internet pharmacies do not demand prescriptions from consumers, and this means that patients can acquire any medical product they desire in any quantity at any time regardless of whether or not it is suitable.


Why Buying Drugs That Don’t Demand Prescriptions is Dangerous?


Forget about the law for a moment, or even the warnings that drugstore reviews 2019 keep throwing at you. Forget the fact that the US expects every pharmacy to demand a prescription for every prescription pill they sell. Every medical professional you meet will tell you that buying prescription drugs without a prescription is very dangerous. Consider the following:

✔ Every time you purchase a prescription drug without a prescription, you expose your body to medicine that might actually harm you. Doctors do not hand out prescriptions arbitrarily. They normally first examine you. And once they have identified your ailment, they have the knowledge required to prescribe a drug that will attack your illness without bringing you even more harm. Every time you purchase a pill online without a prescription, you are taking a big gamble. You do not have the benefit of a doctor’s knowledge to differentiate between helpful and harmful medication. And that sort of careless self-medication has claimed many foolish lives over the decades.

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Every legal internet pharmacy must demand prescriptions for prescription medicine. If an internet pharmacy has permitted you to order for drugs in the absence of a prescription, it proves that they are not legal. And every time you transact with an illegal website, you risk running afoul of clever scams that could steal your money, your personal data and your identity.

 As many drugstore reviews 2019 have no doubt told you, every time you purchase drugs without a prescription from a website, you run the risk of consuming fake or substandard products. Legal websites that demand prescriptions are tightly regulated, not only with regards to their methods of operation but also the merchandise they sell. Illegal drugstores are free to do what they want because they normally fly under the radar.

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No one can hold them to account if they cheat you and they have no obligation to send you genuine medicine in exchange for your hard-earned money. So every time you purchase pills without a prescription, you stand the risk of introducing poison into your body. Some patients spend days, weeks, months and even years bemoaning the fact that their strict medical regimens have failed to cure their illnesses unaware that the pills upon which they are relying are either diluted in their potency or completely ineffective.


Legal Question

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The buying of drugs without a prescription is dangerous but it isn’t necessarily illegal, not in any manner that might get you in trouble, and not if your source is an external internet drugstore. The FDA has been tasked with preventing medicine whose quality it hasn’t vetted from entering the country. That includes items that were made in the US, exported to other nations and then re-imported at a later date. The FDA will penalize individuals and companies that attempt to import prescription-free drugs into the country for resale purposes. But they are far laxer when it comes to medicine that is being imported for personal use.

In fact, you are better off declaring your purchases whenever they reach customs. This will save you a lot of trouble. It is also worth pointing out that the FDA isn’t going to ask you whether or not you used a prescription to purchase the drugs you’re importing. They are more interested in clamping down on the trend of buying medicine from unregulated internet pharmacies as a whole. So what will draw their intention at the border is the source of your medicine, not whether or not you have a prescription.




Buying pills from an internet pharmacy is associated with so many dangers, and governments the world over continue to fight against this trend. However, a few have concluded that there is no rational way of stopping people from using the internet to meet their medical needs. For that reason, they have changed tracks. They have begun to encourage consumers who use internet pharmacies to avoid those which do not demand prescriptions. If people have refused to abandon online drugstores, the only option left is to ensure that all the medicine they purchase from the internet is safe and appropriate.

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