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1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) is an online pharmacy based in the US although its exact location is not known. This pharmacy has a very wide range of medications. However, after taking a thorough research, we have found out that it is not a trusted pharmacy.

Domain Details
Registration Date2007-10-12
Owner CountrySingapore, US
Business Information
Name of OrganisationPharma Offshore
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Domain Information

We have found out that it is impossible to identify the physical location of the firm even though we tried tracing the postal address. The registration and admin name also stay unrevealed, which strongly indicates the low credibility of the website and the whole organization at large.

2007-10-12This website has changed its domain hosting more than three times, which is a common behavior for most scam business. The domain has been active for 11 years as it was registered on 12th October 2007. Also, its operation zone changes every time, which makes it even more suspicious.


Business Profile

While there is an address for the firm, there is no provision of their physical location. A pharmacy that does not have a physical address suggests that they do not have a warehouse to store their products. This anonymity is suspicious. The secrecy in location is also vivid in the registration and hosting of the website. We have found out that they keep their location hidden only because the business is rogue. However, according to ScamAdviser, the website may be located in the United States.




There are no records of approval from the pharmacy regulatory board that permits the company to function as a pharmacy. Our research has positively identified the firm as an illegal online business and the public should be aware of that.

list of rogue companies

The web summary report explicitly shows that it is a rogue website. Furthermore, the website has been reported many times to be an online scam. Without approval, it is advised to keep off purchases from this website.

rogue status


Available Products

The website lists a lot of products with various categories. However, the credibility of the products is wanting. Some of the listed products are rogue. The source of the products is not listed which is creates a suspension. Additionally, there is no prescription required when buying these drugs, which is common with most rogue pharmacy websites.

offered products


Payment Methods

The website accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment, with a 20% discount. Conversely, payments methods such as PayPal which is widely used and acceptable cannot be used. Also, there is no money guarantee on products bought. This raises concern on the trustworthiness of the website.

payment methods


Quality of Services

There is absolutely no service that is completed by this website. When orders are placed, no deliveries are made. The firm ignores emails and calls from customers who inquire about their products. Some clients have even placed the same order different times to see if there will be any change but their efforts meet a dead end. There is no money back guarantee. Customers have lost their hard earned money while buying from this website. The lack of money guarantee policy is on itself suspicious and simply shows that the business is rogue.

bad service


Customer Feedback

It is natural for people to give out their genuine opinion towards an institution after receiving certain services from them. When customers are not satisfied with the quality of services offered, they tend to lose their faith and trust towards the organization. This very drugstore has constantly reminded its clients not to rely on them due to their heinous actions. Most testimonials show that customer support is never available. More so, shipping is never delivered although the website clearly indicates that shipping is offered without delays. The website has been reported to be a scam.

bad reviews

Former clients have shown remorse and disappointment in the delays and the lack of response from the customer service desk. The website has tried to win back the trust of people by providing fake reviews. Most illegal businesses use fake reviewers to draw the attention of innocent and unsuspecting clients. Be warned.



Trusting a medical shop is crucial and paramount. Unfortunately, is not among the trusted online businesses. There are multiple indications of a rogue business such as the lack of consultation fee, and the constant shifts with their website hosting, the anonymous location, products that have no listed origins, we can only warn you towards risking your money and time with this anonymous institution. We have awarded the pharmacy a 1-star trust rating to this website. Therefore everyone should keep off this website at all costs.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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