main page Reviews – Raises Suspicion

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Due to the recent increase in production of some unlicensed drugs in the world, bogus pharmacies have also emerged online. Some really sell these drugs but in an illegal way, and some are just scams which take advantage of those members of the public who are unaware. Below we’ve reviewed one of the online pharmacies we found to be suspicious.

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main page Reviews – Stay Away

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Have you heard about which claims to sell generic medicines at a discounted price? Want to place an order with this online drugstore? If yes, then please be extremely cautious as our analysis has found out that it’s a rogue internet pharmacy. Please read the complete article to know more about them.

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Online Pharmacy Reviews 2019

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It is really alarming how fraudulent acts in the pharmaceutical industry are increasing. It is estimated that the amount of money that is lost due to fraud can be from 3% to 10%. Due to the existence of online pharmacies these crimes are increasing. People are buying drugs without a prescription. The pharmacies are also selling low quality or counterfeit drugs at a low price. Before buying drugs it is important to read online pharmacy reviews so that you can be assured that you are buying high-quality drugs. There is various type of pharmacy fraud schemes available. Here we are going to discuss these in detail.

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main page Reviews – Flagged as Risky

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In this review, we will talk about which claims to be a UK-based leading supplier of generic drugs. In reality, it’s another scam drugstore (website origin: India) that is simply running the deceptive business activities. As a customer, you need to beware of such rogue pharmacies and never purchase their cheap quality medications for your own good.

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main page Reviews – No-go Zone

(1 / 5) is a website that runs a novice online drugstore business. Owing to the high number of fraudulent merchants in the online drugs sale industry, there’s a need to take a deep look at the nature of operations and products offered by this online pharmacy. After conducting comprehensive research about it, we noticed numerous alarming facts. Thumb through this review to get enlightenment about these facts.

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main page Reviews – Not Safe

(2 / 5) is an Internet apothecary native to the United States. Is it worth the risk? No, it isn’t, and we elaborate our inference in the text below. Our text is based on a thorough analysis of the pharmacy’s website, drugs and their quality, the pharmacy’s legal affiliation, and many more parameters of concern.

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main page Reviews – Keep Off This Drugstore

(1 / 5) is an online site that integrates a physician and a pharmacist to help you get the right medication. They only dispense uncontrolled drugs from their pharmacies. They offer consultation services whereby they use a physician to write a prescription whereby the pharmacists dispense according to the right dosage. According to their “About us”, there is a US based company which is based in Colorado. We did a comprehensive review to find out whether this site is a legit or a scam.

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