5-step Process of Ordering Meds Online

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You must be already aware of the benefits of ordering medicines online. It certainly provides you a hassle-free and seamless experience. Of course, it’s a safer, better, easier, and most convenient option to purchase medicines online instead of visiting a medical store in person. Especially, in this COVID-19 situation when the entire world is still in the lockdown state and maintaining a safer distance has been a new norm nowadays, you must always ensure to avoid unnecessary travel to public places. And, it’s no exception when it comes to purchasing medicines as well. Rather than visiting an offline drugstore, it’s a wise decision to buy your required medicines online.

So, are you going to purchase medicines from an online medicine store for the first time? If yes, then you must be a little bit anxious about the ordering process. Isn’t it? But, please do not be worried as you have surely landed on the right page. If this is the first time when you are going to order online medicines, then please keep the below guidelines handy so that you never face any problem. Rest assured that the guide is kept as simple and straightforward as possible as you can follow it without any extra hassle.


Process of Ordering Meds Online

Find the right online drugstore:

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This is the first and foremost step for sure! You should not purchase your much-needed medicines from any unreliable and unknown internet pharmacy. It’s an absolute NO as purchasing drugs from such an untrustworthy and rogue pharmacy can prove to be a bad and terrible idea. Rogue pharmacies mostly sell spurious and counterfeit drugs. Now, it’s true that these pharmacies extend a heavy discount on their medicines and keep the drug pricing as low as possible. But, the quality of these drugs is absolutely unacceptable and unsuitable for your health.

That’s why it’s always recommended to purchase your medicines from a reputed, reliable, and genuine drugstore platform. If you are not sure whether your drugstore is trustworthy enough or not, then please feel free to check our online pharmacy reviews.


In our online pharmacy reviews, you will find a wide list of online drugstores, thorough reviews, and overall ratings. Some of these internet pharmacies are safe and legit. Whereas, some of them are marked as a scam site. Hence, your goal will be to avoid the scam and rogue drugstore sites and strictly purchase medicines from a reliable pharmacy platform. In addition to it, you must even check if the pharmacy website supports a secure connection (https).

Note, suspicious pharmacies may not have a secure connection. Plus, their drug pricing will be much lower than the standard price. On top of that, these unreliable drugstores do not have any regulatory approvals from CIPA, FDA, LegitScript, and so on.

Search for the available drugs:


In the previous sections, you have already revealed the necessity of finding out a reliable and trustworthy internet drugstore. Once you have found it out, you should now check whether the drugstore supplies your required drugs or not. Most of the available online pharmacies deliver common prescription medicines.

For example, if you are looking for cold and flu medicines, then those drugs should be easily available as these medicines fall into the commonly required drugs. However, if you are searching for medicines for a critical health disease, then there may not be the availability of such rare and particular drugs.


However, in some cases, it is found that a drugstore can restock your required medicines on demand. This means the pharmacy may not have the supply of your required medicines in general but they will attempt to fulfill your order request if you send them the prescription and ask for a stock-filling request. This on-demand stock-filling request may not be available for all internet drugstores. But, it’s quite common for the popular and reputed pharmacies as these platforms always strive to serve all the demands and requests of their customers.

Check if your area is serviceable or not:

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As per #1 and #2 points, you should have already selected a reliable pharmacy that is capable to serve your order requests. You should now check whether the pharmacy delivers orders to your specific area or not. In most cases, the online drugstores offer an international shipping facility which means your orders will be delivered to your doorstep irrespective of your present location.

❹ Check the available payment methods:

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It’s important that you should check what are the available payment methods that can be applied during the checkout process. Of course, the availability of a particular payment method varies based on the pharmacy you’ve selected. Different drugstores have different payment options. However, among the various types of available payment methods, credit cards and debit cards are commonly available.

If your pharmacy accepts credit cards and debit cards as an online payment mode, then you can use your Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX card types to place your orders. Other payment options may include PayPal, Bitcoin, and Wire Transfer, etc.

Adding medicines to your cart and complete the checkout process:


Once you have checked the above four parameters precisely, then you can proceed to this last step. All you will now need to add the required medicines to your cart. Once your cart is loaded, please provide your complete address where the order will be delivered. Please make sure to provide a detailed address with an accurate landmark for quick and seamless delivery. Now, if you have any promotional coupon code, please feel free to apply it. There may be various coupon codes available for first-time customers. Apply these codes for an additional discount.

After that, you can now complete the payment by using any of the available online payment modes. That’s it. This is the entire process of ordering meds online. Note, you may need to send a copy of your prescription to the pharmacy for placing your orders. This prescription mandate applies to most of the genuine and legit online medicine stores.



With this, you have revealed the complete process of ordering meds online. It’s a five-step guide that we have shared above. Please make sure to follow the above guide for a hassle-free experience. As a matter of caution, please note that not every online pharmacy is legit. Many of these pharmacies are trying to trap innocent customers by selling low-priced, poor-quality generic drugs. Hence, please beware and also check our online pharmacy reviews for more details.

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