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1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) is one of the newest online pharmacies selling men’s generic health drugs at a reasonable price. They claim their products are safe for human consumption and are approved by the legal authorities. We decided to review the pharmacy to check the legitimacy of their claims and whether their products are indeed safe for human consumption. Read below to know more about what we found during our investigation.

Domain Details
Registration Date2019-04-24
Owner Countryunknown
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline Men Shop
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-Number+1 (888) 566-8306
Live Chat Optionyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Domain Information

The WhoIs data of the pharmacy’s domain says it was created on 24th April 2019 and currently has an expiry date of 24th April 2020. The registrant of the domain is Big Rock Solutions Ltd and the registrant location in Gurgaon, India. This is interesting as the pharmacy claims to be operating from the United States, but its domain is registered in India. This is the first major sign of a rogue pharmacy created to con people by stealing their identity. It also shares its server with 49 other websites and interestingly hosted in Montreal.



Business Profile

As expected, the ScamAdviser data of the pharmacy says the owner of this pharmacy did not provide much information about who they are and where they are located, another common feature of rogue pharmacies. Because of this, we were unable to verify their identity and other essential details. Their contact details are also fake as they do not exist in reality and their social media pages remained unresponsive to our queries and did not offer any solutions.

some info


Regulatory Approval

To confirm it is a rogue pharmacy, we then moved to check the databases of legal authorities such as CIPA, MPA, Pharmacy Checker, etc and unsurprisingly, there were no traces of this pharmacy in any of their databases meaning they are operating illegally. Furthermore, LegitScript has reviewed the pharmacy and its products and classified it as a rogue pharmacy meaning they sell low-quality products that are likely to cause side effects to the human body if consumed.

rogue status


Available Products

Just like its fellow rogue pharmacies, this one too sells men’s generic health drugs intended to improve performance on the bed, but unlike them, this pharmacy does not sell various other health products to look legit. This will likely cause them trouble in the long run once they get caught by the legal authorities.



Products Pricing

One thing that might save them from having trouble from the legal authorities is the pricing of their products. Most of the products are reasonably priced and matched their traditional market prices. They claim their products are FDA approved, but there is evidence of it and is most likely vogue claim. We also did not find any mention of them requiring a prescription before selling their products.


Payment Options


The pharmacy accepts two payment methods for billing purposes. They are:

✔ E-Check
✔ PayPal

They recommend you pay with E-Check and they will need your bank account details for that purpose. This is risky as they don’t have an SSL certificate on their website meaning they will likely steal or duplicate your sensitive information and use it for other fraudulent activities. For PayPal payments, you will receive a link to pay with PayPal within 30 minutes after you place your order.


Delivery Methods

shippingThe pharmacy did not offer any details regarding which shipping methods they use to deliver their products. However, they claim you will receive your order within 3 business days. You can also return the package within 12 hours of receiving it if you are not happy with it or received a damaged parcel. They will reissue the package and will use a safe system of an alternative delivery method to harmlessly deliver your package.


Customer Testimonials

Unfortunately, the pharmacy’s testimonial page is completely vague and there was no customer feedback present at the page. Because of that, we were unable to verify their past customer satisfaction rates and what they thought about their products and services. The same is the case with other business review sites as we did not find any reviews there making their case even harder.



Although the pharmacy is still fairly new in the business, there is every indication that this is another scam and not a legit business. The owner’s lack of transparency regarding their whereabouts, no legal approval, the requirement of personal information during payment, no SSL seal and customer reviews all are indicators of a rogue business. We don’t recommend this pharmacy, so stay away from them and protect your identity as well as your well-being. We give this pharmacy a 1 out of 5 stars based on our investigation.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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