Online Pharmacy vs Physical Pharmacy


Internet pharmacies are, as their name suggests, designed to operate over the internet. They transact with consumers from all over the world, promising high-quality medicine at a fraction of the price. For some people, internet pharmacies are a scourge that must be stopped. For other people, they are a blessing. if you talk to any medical professional, they will encourage you to favor physical pharmacies over their online counterparts. But are they right in their recommendations? Are physical pharmacies actually superior to online drugstores?

Or are the consumers right in prioritizing online pharmaceutical websites over their traditional counterparts? These are the questions that continue to divide the medical fraternity, and you cannot answer them without understanding what each of these parties (internet pharmacies and Physical pharmacies) brings to the table.


Internet Pharmacies

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Online drugstores use the internet to engage consumers. Through apps or websites, they can receive orders, process prescriptions, and initiate deliveries. Their biggest attractions are the flexibility and access they offer. But these ventures also attract a lot of criticism because of the quality of the products they deliver.


✔ These firms are highly convenient. Anyone can initiate an order so long as they possess an internet-enabled device. Their location doesn’t matter, and neither does the time of day. Most drugstores of this sort are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are always available to service the needs of any patient regardless of their physical or geographical situation.

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Most of the drugstores you encounter online double as information hubs. Not only do they sell drugs but they make an effort to tell you everything you need to know about the drugs you have chosen to buy. They will tell you what you need to take and when you should take it. They will also keep you apprised of breakthroughs in the medical field, especially those concerning your medical condition. Physical pharmacies have too many customers to serve to give so much of their attention to the queries of a single patient.

These companies are cheap. You can buy both prescription and non-prescription drugs at a fraction of the cost you would normally encounter with physical pharmacies. This is because drugstores on the internet do not have to contend with the sorts of operational costs (rent, utility bills, etc.) that normally plague physical pharmacies. Most medical portals do not even own the pills they sell. Rather, they act as middlemen, receiving orders and passing them on to dispensaries in Asian markets who are then expected to make deliveries directly to the consumer.


You are guaranteed confidentiality. Patients who are too embarrassed by their illness to speak face to face with a doctor frequent internet stores because such platforms enable them to anonymously seek medical assistance. This is the primary factor driving men who suffer from sexual illnesses into the arms of pharmaceutical sites.

You do not have to present a prescription to acquire prescription medicine. The majority of internet pharmacies will sell you any drug you want in any quantities you desire regardless of whether or not you have a prescription. This gives patients the freedom to treat their ailments using any medical solutions they see fit.


The internet pharmaceutical arena is saturated with counterfeit drugs. There is no way of separating genuine medical products from their sub-par counterparts because most pharmacies online are hesitant to reveal the sources of the drugs they sell. As such, patients have no choice but to trust that the medicine they have ordered is of the appropriate quality.


Because most stores in this field do not demand prescriptions, the chances of patients consuming drugs that will harm them, in the long run, is quite high. You are also more vulnerable to dangerous drug interactions and allergies.

Internet pharmacies have become breeding grounds for scams. As most drugstore reviews will tell you, by interacting with one of these sites, you risk losing your money and your credit card information.


Physical Pharmacies


Physical pharmacies provide a sense of certainty and security because they have a tangible location that you must visit to meet your healthcare needs. However, the fact that they operate out of brick-and-motor establishments makes them highly restrictive.


✔ These firms demand prescriptions for every prescription drug you might want to buy. And they are very strict on this matter. This works in favor of patients because it ensures that they are taking the right medication in the proper quantities.

These entities normally play an integral role in the healthcare regiments of their customers. This is especially true for local pharmacies whose employees have an intimate understanding of the needs of their most regular customers. approvalThis positions such pharmacists to provide extra care to their more vulnerable patients, using their medical history to make changes to their treatments and providing some much-needed advice.

You can trust the legitimacy of most physical stores. They are experienced entities with verifiable credentials. They are also manned by medical professionals whose licenses you can authenticate. So you are assured quality service from a legitimate organization that is accountable to third party entities.

The merchandise that traditional stores sell is FDA approved. Unlike medical sites, you don’t have to trust the words of your local store. They have documentation to support every claim they make on this issue.


✔ Physical pharmacies are expensive. This is one of the factors that drugstore reviews use to support the proliferation of internet stores. Physical stores use legal means to acquire the medication they sell. Unlike websites, they cannot avoid the fees and taxes levied by customs at the border.  They must also contend with administrative costs. All these factors and more contribute to the staggering price tags you find in the average traditional drugstore.


✔ These businesses are very inconvenient to access. Some people live in such remote locations that the notion of journeying to their local store is far too overwhelming, especially if they are disabled or elderly.

✔ For some people, the fact that physical drugstores require a prescription is a cause for concern because it prevents them from purchasing the medicine they want in the time that they want it.



It is impossible to choose between online and physical pharmacies, to definitively elevate one over the other. Yes, online sites are cheap. They are easier to access, they provide anonymity and their payment options are broad.

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But the field is also inundated with counterfeit drugs and scams. It also encourages people to self-medicate in ways that will do more harm than good in the long run. Physical pharmacies are safer. You know that every pill you buy is not only FDA Approved but also dispensed by a licensed professional. But physical pharmacies are limited in the access they provide. You need to appear in person to make your purchase. And even if you can make that journey, drug prices associated with traditional pharmacies are skyrocketing. You are more likely to procure your medicine from an online pharmacy not because it’s safer but because your financial constraints give you no other choice.

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