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1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) vouches for itself to be known as the world-famous pharmacy. This online pharmacy store sells a wide variety of medicines for different ailments and markets vitamins and supplements. If you look closely at their website, you will be suspicious of the information available. To know more about these online pharmacy store reviews, we did comprehensive research about this.

Domain Details
Registration Date2016-04-21
Owner Countrythe Czech Republic
Business Information
Name of OrganisationMy Medic RX
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1 (888) 243-74-06
UK: +44 (800) 041-87-44
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Domain Information


We searched for the domain’s information on this website and found that the domain name was created on September 11, 2021, and they last updated it on September 11, 2022. As you observed, most scammer websites have a short period registered.

In that case, they claim to have been established in 2001 and that they are guaranteed under the food and drug administration, CPA, CIPA or the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, and MIPA. With all their false claims of being a licensed pharmacy, we believe this is a scam website. Their domain also imitates the real online pharmacy, which is


Business Profile


Using a scam detector site, we have found out that their company of pharmacy online store is not a legit world-famous pharmacy in Canada. In the domain information, the registrar person of the website hides its identity using the WhoIs.

On the other hand, the scam detector has found a workable SSL certificate. However, based on the research, anyone can acquire SSL for free if they can install it. SSL is used to be able to wire money from different methods.

The information of the registrant of the domain site was not visible. However, based on the results of the scam detector, the owner is from Praha, the capital city of the Czech Republic.


Regulatory Approvals

Approvals from trusted medical associations and even in the government itself are vital in building the credibility of any pharmacy business. As a company focused on selling medical supplies, it is crucial to acquire certification or regulatory approvals to prove the legitimacy of your medicinal products.


However, this online drugstore website didn’t have any of these. They claim that they are part of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, but according to the list of CIPA’s safe online pharmacies, this pharmacy website is not part of it. Unquestionably, their company is a scam website.


Products Available

Most of the products that this pharmacy site sells and offers on their website are for men’s health. They also sell supplements, vitamins, and prescripted drugs on their site for anti-diabetes, anti-acidity, and antibiotics. It is also alarming that the products they sell have a description to look like a legit online pharmacy store.


Unlike the other scam pharmacy website, their company does not offer freebies and vouchers. However, they included on their site that they have low prices available. Their pricing is quite reasonable for each pill. They also sell a per pack of these medicines at a discounted price.


Payments and Deliveries


For their payment, they cater to the following method of payment:


The website said that they are not supporting a return policy as they are not liable for anything during the delivery period. However, they assure their customers of a refund or reship policy. It is still a doubt that you can refund your cash as their contact information is not legit.



One way to gain a consumer’s certainty in your site and products is to post an actual review of those who recently purchased the product you sell. In this online pharmacy store website case’, they also put testimonials from different people of random ages. One example is: “It is well worth the price, which is so good that you will never buy from other places again.” – Tom, 44. If you would not look closely at this online pharmacy store’s layout, you will get scammed as they make their website look like a legit online drugstore.




As a buyer, we must be aware of these different scams. Before buying anything online, make sure to legit-check the website and dig in deeper to the information about the site that you can find on the internet. We think this website deserves only a 1-star rating.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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