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1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) is a fraudulent drugstore that some might have mistaken for a legit business if it hadn’t stolen its look, and all its content, from other online drugstores. With some internet scams, you have to spend a lot of time digging into their profile to realize that they can’t be trusted. But this one made things so easy. The fact that their content is stolen means that all the information they have provided is false. They do not hail from the country their business name suggests, and neither can they provide the guarantees they have claimed where the quality of their products and services is concerned.

Domain Details
Registration Date2014-12-17
Owner CountryCN
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanadianPharmacy
Address22 Boulvar Dr., Montreal, RC B4U 5U2, Canada
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods
American Expressyes


Domain Info

The domain may catch some people off guard. It was created on the 17th of December 2014, making the website six years old. This actually works in their favor. Many of the stores that share their design are so much younger, which suggests that they copied their look from this platform rather than the reverse.


That doesn’t completely absolve this domain. It has told several lies. But at the very least, they have given their detractors compelling reasons to disregard the claim that their entire design was copied from elsewhere.


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ScamAdviser was a little too impressed by their domain age. It gave them a rank of 95 percent. They haven’t earned that rating. Though, ScamAdviser’s reasoning makes sense. So many internet pharmacies are so young that it often comes as a surprise to stumble upon a company that is this old. To be clear, they are not the oldest. But they have been around for more than five years, a boast that very few stores can make.

high trust


Business Profile

It is impossible to generate a profile around this portal because it has told so many lies. First of all, it wasn’t created in 2002. This claim was made on their website. Apparently, before they joined the internet, the company was just an ordinary drugstore in Canada.

You already know that they came into existence in 2014. They did not exist in 2002. It is also worth noting that they are not Canadian. Their business name (Canadian Pharmacy) will tell you otherwise. The fact that the business name doesn’t match the domain name is suspicious. It makes no sense.


Anyone that works on the internet knows that the domain name and the business name should match. This makes it so much easier for consumers to identify your company. There is no rational reason to use a domain name that differs from the business name.

But if that wasn’t bizarre enough, you will soon see evidence proving that the store doesn’t operate out of Canada. In other words, the business address they have published is a lie. They do not have offices in Montreal.

They have told two lies so far. The third one surrounds their founders. David and Cecil Watson, the people that supposedly created this company, do not exist. They are not real people. You don’t need any more proof to realize that this is a shady business. They have given you a plethora of reasons to doubt everything they say.


Regulatory Authorization

rogue status

This is the evidence proving that the site doesn’t operate in Canada. Canada expects CIPA to authenticate and certify all the legal internet pharmacies working within its borders. CIPA hasn’t certified this portal. If you study their platform, you will notice seals belonging to various organizations, including:

Department of Health and Human Service
 Pharmacy Checker

However, like CIPA, none of those organizations have recognized this store. Those seals are forgeries. The store can’t stop lying.


Available Products

Their primary interest lies in lifestyle products, particularly drugs that help men perform sexually. They don’t ask for prescriptions. They also don’t provide consultations, though they have people on hand to answer any questions you might have.



Payments and Deliveries

They only offer generic medicine. They have suggested on their website that they also sell brand-name medications. But their prices are so low that their claim is difficult to believe. Their payment options include electronic checks, MasterCard, Western Union, American Express, and Money Gram.


They use EMS courier and regular mail to deliver packages, with the duration ranging from two to six weeks depending on the shipping method. They offer free insurance for any orders that exceed $200.



There is nothing to see in this section. The company doesn’t have trustworthy reviews and testimonials.

no reviews



They get a well-deserved rating of 1 star. Everything they have published on their website is a lie. That makes them a scam.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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2 thoughts on “ Reviews – Was Ruined By Its Lies”

  1. The alleged merchant website named “Canadian Pharmacy” appears to be a fraudulent website. I ordered a supply of Chloroquine, a medication that was reported to help with COVID infections. I was never asked for a prescription and thus thought it was over the counter. No receipt was emailed to me. On Friday 1/1/22, an alleged Company Representative named Alex called from 925-230-9710 (A San Ramon, CA, phone number) to confirm the order and to give an order number of 9234610 and to advise that the charge would show up in my banking as “ECOM PLUS HOPE VALLEY” for $67.10. The amount would not normally raise any red flags for most people and Alex, who had a foreign language accent) Not Canadian) assured that this was a legitimate charge. I thought it was odd and followed up on this further.

    I researched the item and found it to be prescription only. This website is advertised as a Canadian based business and I called Customer Service number listed on the website, which is a NY Phone number, but the business is reported to be in Canada. The website lists a phone number of 518-217-8942. I called this number on Saturday, 1/2/22, at 0450 hours to confirm the order and Alex answer the phone again and he confirmed the order. The website lists a company address of 1822 BOULVAR DR., MONTREAL, RC B4U 5U2, CANADA, which does not exist in Google Maps.

    I called the 925-230-9710 number on Saturday, 1/2/22 at 1115 hours and again Alex answered the phone. I asked that the order be cancelled, and he said that the order had been mailed and could not be cancelled. The order was listed as taking 6 weeks to arrive. Alex appears to be the only one in Customer Service and appears to answer the phone 24/7. The company bares similar name as the “Canada Pharmacy” at website at I asked where they were located and he said Alberta, Canada, and I asked why this was a New York phone number and he said because so many of their customers live in New York.

    I called the Canada Pharmacy Customer Services at 800-891-0844 and spoke to Representative Raya who had heard of the of the possible fraudulent Pharmacy. She didn’t know much about this company but confirmed that the Chloroquine is prescription only and only takes 5 days to arrive. Therefore, I will be reporting this as a mail and wire fraud to my nephew who is a Postal Inspector Investigator and asked that SunTrust prevent this payment. Though this charge is only $67.10, if I am correct, the various orders from other possible victims could amount into the hundreds of thousands.

    • Hello, Michael! Thank you very much for your detailed explanation of the situation. I guess it will help other visitors refuse to deal with MyHealthMedcare.

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