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“The world’s first safe smart drug”, says the online pharmacy’s chief tagline. It specializes in dispensing and dishing out of smart drugs to clients on a global scale. Upon landing on the website, you will quickly think that this is the “one you’ve been looking for” owing to the website design and catchphrases that are actually alluring. Is it? Keep reading through to know the truth.

Domain Details
Registration Date2015-03-25
Owner CountryUS, Russia
Business Information
Name of OrganisationModa Pharma
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Email[email protected]
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods
American Expressyes


Domain Details

The domain name was first taken down as one on 25-03-2015. This information is from WhoIs, a reliable website for domain name inspection. With reference to 2018, this business is only three years old. Needless to say, these are just a very few years that are not safe to use to infer that the business is worth trust with regard to experience.



Business Profile

The domain name registrar that goes by the name “Registrar of domain names” manages this site. This domain name registrar has not a clean history. It has been reported to host other domain names that sell unsafe drugs to clients. Therefore, anyone registered under their name is likely not to be trustworthy. When a website is clear about the origin of its business, it is likely confident about the quality of products or services it offers. This online pharmacy is not. With possibilities of having a Russian Federation origin, this website is most likely based in the US. ScamAdviser confirms this. This is an indication that something’s not flying right.



Available Drugs

Even from the name, you can tell that the drug that this pharmacy specializes in selling is Modafinil. Besides just that, the pharmacy also sells antidepressants, nootropics, painkillers, sleep aid drugs, and a few others. These are just a few drugs that we are sure to get alongside many others in other sites like this.

top pills

As any other drugs-seller would stand with, this pharmacy claims that their drugs are FDA-approved. That isn’t close to the truth. The drugs are likely to be counterfeit. They are sold under no approvals from any regulatory body. You know what this can mean in extreme cases – death due to poisoning.



While it is clear that the smart drugs that are sold by this pharmacy are usually quite expensive, the pharmacy’s pricing is quite exaggerated. A Tramadol pill can as well go for as low as less than $0.8, and not $1 as is the price on the pharmacy’s website. But, generally, their pricing is average when compared to others.


Accepted Payment Options

You can pay for your orders from this pharmacy via credit cards like Visa, AMEX, and MasterCard. You can also use Bitcoin for your payments. With Bitcoin, you get greater discounts than with the other payment methods.

payment methods

Talking about the number of payment methods and their convenience, these are just a few. In the case of Bitcoin, which seems to be the business’ most preferred payment method, it is rarely used and the business should give preference to other payment methods.


Delivery Schedule

Deliveries from this e-pharmacy are insured as per the claims. The time it takes for one to see their ordered package mainly depends on the individual’s location. For example, deliveries that have their destinations in the US are to be expected within 6-12 working days. Those headed to Australia take 6-14 days on the way. Deliveries to the UK take 4-7 working days. Those headed to Germany take 6-12 working days, and so on. Delivery options range from USPS, Australia Post, DHL, and many more, depending on a client’s country of origin.


The shipping is trackable and has a constant rate of $10 per delivery. Lastly, once one orders for a delivery, he should expect to be mailed back with a tracking number within a day. Likewise, shall it happen that the delivery hasn’t gotten to a customer, they are assured of a refund within 25 days.

shipping cost


Regulatory Approvals

This online pharmacy has no regulatory approvals from either CIPA, LegitScript, ScamAdviser, or NABP. In fact, ScamAdviser goes on and awards it a 26% trust level and concludes that it is a risky site to use for the purchase of drugs.

rogue status


Customer Feedback

You need customer feedback to know more truth about the services offered by an online business. On their site, this business has this section that has only positive reviews. Is this possible? Even for the best online business, it is not! These must be fake testimonials. Moreover, we found negative comments on TrustPilot.

negative feedback



Ranging from no regulatory approvals, unsafe and pricey drugs, a poor customer care strategy, fake testimonials, and limited payment methods, deserves not more than a 1-star trust rating from us. Your question is answered and our verdict is that you keep off this pharmacy.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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