Reviews – Too Small and Young

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) hasn’t been around for that long. The design tells you that the owner operates a small online pharmacy. Their size isn’t enough to prove that they can’t be trusted. However, you should be on your guard.

Domain Details
Registration Date2021-06-10
Owner CountryGreat Britain
Business Information
Name of OrganisationHealth&Beauty
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the base
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Domain Details

The domain was created in 2021. It came into existence on the 10th of June. Their domain age doesn’t inspire confidence. As of this moment, they started selling drugs three months ago. This makes them one of the youngest drugstores in the business. They do not pretend to be any older than their domain age suggests, which is a good thing. But people will have a difficult time overlooking their age.



Related Websites

They have over two dozen related domains on their server. The domain’s ScamAdviser rating sits at 1 percent at the moment. Their young domain age did not help their rating, and neither did the owner’s hidden identity or the many websites with poor ratings on their server.



Business Profile

The platform’s look is as simple as they come. On the one hand, the design is neat and clear. The site isn’t cluttered or confusing. It won’t take you long to find your way around. Everything you need to submit an order is within easy reach.

Great Britain

On the other hand, the design seems bland and uninspired. The website feels incomplete. It doesn’t provide enough information about the workings of this drugstore. They don’t even have an ‘About Us’ page.

An ‘About Us’ page is the least you expect from a medical store. This one isn’t interested in telling you where it comes from. A visit to their contact page will show you that they don’t have a business address.

All they have to offer is unverified phone numbers from the US and the UK. You have the option of emailing them as well. But that isn’t enough to remove the unprofessional sheen surrounding their pharmacy.

Their youth cannot excuse the sparse design. No one would fault you for thinking that this website was rushed out before it was ready. The anonymity of their owner is a problem because no one knows where this company comes from and you cannot ask the owner.

Do not take their British and American phone numbers as a sign that they have offices in the UK and the US. The evidence does not support those assumptions. The owner’s decision to remain anonymous will hurt him in the long run because he cannot prove that he is a licensed pharmacist that is qualified to dispense medicine.

how to contact them

You don’t have to be a licensed pharmacist to operate an online pharmacy. But you have to employ real medical professionals. If this platform has medical professionals on its payroll, it cannot prove it. You are taking a considerable risk by making purchases from a drugstore that doesn’t employ licensed pharmacists.


Regulatory Authorization

They do not appear in the databases of organizations like LegitScript that accredit and certify pharmaceutical firms on the internet.


Available Products


Their catalog is filled with generic medicine. Though, they have some brand-name items. They have a lot of confidence in the quality and efficacy of their generic pills. But they do not have any evidence that can prove that the drugs they sell are as effective as they claim.

After all, they are brand new and they haven’t secured any customers, which means that they don’t have any positive testimonials that can attest to the quality of their merchandise. They can put their skeptics at ease by revealing the identities of their suppliers but they haven’t done so.


Payments and Deliveries

Most of the price tags you will see on this site are very low. But the owner has failed to provide any tangible reasons explaining his low price. The fact that these drugs are generic isn’t enough. Payments are made using bitcoin and credit cards. They deliver using Express International Mail and Standard International Airmail.

forms of payment


Customer Reviews

They don’t have customers. Therefore, they don’t have reviews.

no reviews



Despite their name, the internet pharmacy does not deliver medicine all around the world. They are too small. They don’t have that sort of reach. And even if they did, they are not legit. Their trust rating is 1 star.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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