Will Medications Grow in Price in 2020?

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Are you a regular customer of prescription medications? Do you regularly need to purchase such medications for various health-related concerns? Well, whether you are purchasing these medicines for your own or for any of your family members, dependents, or friends, you must be worried about the increased drug pricing. Isn’t it? So, what do you think – will medications grow in price in 2020? Well, it’s completely true that there are many speculations that the drug pricing will be affected (possibly increased) in the upcoming year i.e. 2020. But, do not think too much. We have already done a comprehensive review of the expected drug price increase in 2020. Hence, please keep checking the following sections and know more about the topic in the following sections.


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Increased drug pricing can be a real headache for all. Isn’t it? Due to the growing health issues, the increase of prescription drugs has rapidly gained a lot over the past few years. Even more, many people are dependent on life-saving drugs. Regular intake of these medicines is of utmost importance to lead a healthy and hearty lifestyle for those patients. Hence, if the drug price suddenly gets increased, then it will be quite problematic for all of us. So, are you now wondering if medications will grow in price in 2020 or not?

To give you a simple and straight-forward overview, the medications are expected to grow in price in 2020. According to reliable statistics, drug pricing is expected to rise by the next year. There are multiple factors behind it. All of the applicable factors or reasons are briefly discussed below.


Well, it has been mentioned by the experts that the medicine pricing will be increased by around 4.5% in 2020. This number is only mere speculation. The number (i.e. 4.5%) may either go up or down based on various factors. So, you must be interested to know what are the contributing factors for the increased drug pricing? If yes, then please have a quick look at the following sections where you will be revealing some key contributing factors behind the problem of increased drug pricing.


Reveal the Contributing Factors?

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There is a myriad of factors that can directly or indirectly affect drug pricing. Some of the key factors will be discussed in the below sections.

✔ Requirements for unique medications: This problem is particularly related to the small disease state patient bases. As you can understand, every patient and his/her problems are unique. There may not be a one-size-fits-all solution for all patients. Rather, doctors and physicians have found patients are nowadays having unique and specific cases. The problem is that such unique and specific patient cases have increased a lot over the past years. To fulfill such specific needs, patients are nowadays looking for unique drugs as a solution.

According to drug manufacturers, they have already started making such unique medications that are subjected to fulfill a patient’s specific needs. The increased requirements for such unique medicines to support small disease state patient bases, it has drastically affected the drug pricing.

Availability: As you can understand the availability is something that’s directly


related to drug pricing. If the availability of a certain product goes low, then the price will automatically be increased. The same logic holds true for the medications as well. If the availability of a commonly-used drug is drastically lower than the expected demand, then it affects the pricing. To be more precise, such cases result in high drug pricing.

Specialty drugs: As per the opinion of some experts, pharmacists are now more focused on designing, composing, and producing specialty drugs for curing the new areas of diseases i.e. rheumatoid disease and cancer care, etc. The development and release of such newer specialty drugs, has adversely affected the pricing.

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✔  The growing use of personalized medicines: This is one of the most crucial factors behind exorbitant drug pricing. The usage of personalized medicines has certainly increased a lot. Nowadays, customers prefer ordering personalized medicines that can be customized to their requirements. Such personal medicine requires specific and one-of-a-kind compositions. That’s why they do come with a hefty price tag.

Other reasons: In the above sections, you have already revealed four important factors that are closely related to increased medicine pricing.


The key reasons are summarized here for your quick reference:

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✔ Requirements for unique medications
✔ Poor availability of drugs
✔ Specialty drugs
✔ The growing use of personalized medicines

Apart from the above reasons, there are a few other factors that you should know as well. These factors include political disturbances, natural calamities, poor availability of the required ingredients, lack of the right instruments, external problems, slow economy, high inflation rate, inventory issues, and production unit shutdowns, etc.


Final Verdict

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The pricing of drugs really plays a vital role in all of our lives. But, there are many parameters that are affecting drug pricing. We have already discussed those factors in detail above. Obviously, these factors can be somehow controlled with the right planning.

For instance, pharmacists should remember that the patient is the key. Pharmacists should always look for important data including what the customers are mostly buying and the current trends. Plus, the pharmacies need to arrange the right ingredients, tools, staff, and inventories to mitigate the problem.

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