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The times today are experiencing a surge in the e-commerce sector. Everyone is in a hurry and wants to get everything done in a jiffy and that too from the comfort of their homes. People nowadays are buying everything online, even the medicines today are being purchased online as the online purchase is convenient, fast and more often than not, loaded with many discounts. Features like the 30-day money back policy, fast & free delivery, free pills with every order are making these online pharmacies popular with the customers, but one needs to check the authenticity of any such operators as they are operating in a very sensitive domain.

Domain Details
Registration Date2017-04-28
Owner CountryUS, Canada, Russia
Business Information
Name of OrganisationEuropharm Group Inc.
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-800-715-5341
EU: +44-203-318-5981
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingfor orders above $300 (EMS)
for orders above $200 (Air Mail)
Payment Methods
American Expressyes


Domain Info is an international online pharmacy which claims to be in operation since the last more than 7 years as per its website. But the WhoIs domain lookup service contradicts the same as it shows the registry date as 28th April 2017, with a renewal on 28th April 2018.

Also, the current domain is expiring in the year 2019 which again does not help keep the pharmacy in a positive light.



Business Profile

The website doesn’t give out any information about its legal name over the website. Just a name is put up in a very small font size of a company named Europharm Group Inc. and address as Sokolovska 131/86. 186 00 Praha 8 – Karlin, Czech Republic has been kept tucked away on the contact us page which does nothing to lessen our discomfort on the fact that the information is not readily available and the fact that whether it’s a genuine or a fake address will always make us uncomfortable.



Available Products

The website lists many products in their list of products but the fact that its best selling products are all the lifestyle products (the sexual medicines) is something which surely should ring warning bells before ordering one’s medicine from this website. Plus the website is also selling drugs without wanting to have prescriptions first. The website is also selling its products at costs which are much lower other online pharmacy websites so it obviously makes you wonder how.


Also, the website is sending out some lifestyle drugs, free of cost with every order. This trend is not to be seen with more legal looking pharmacies as they generally do not distribute free medicines except for the ones they receive as free samples. Plus even the lifestyle medications being sold on the website come around as a very cheap deal, making one wonder that there are high chances of some alteration of the formulas.


Regularity Approvals

In fact, it has come out be as a rogue Internet pharmacy on the test run on LegitScript for checking the website’s legitimacy. A rogue internet pharmacy doesn’t even require prescriptions for selling medications only, which is a very serious offense in this line of business. Plus if a website is spearing without any legitimacy, one surely starts to wonder what if the doses are played with, what if the generics do not actually match up to the quality of the brands as originally recommended.

rogue statusIn fact, according to ScamAdviser, the trust factor for the website is zero and it is even associated with a high-risk country. It also goes on to say that they have been presented to identify the site owner since the online pharmacy website uses an anonymous service.


Payments and Deliveries

The online pharmacy gives out a number of options for payments for purchases on its website, including Bitcoin, major credit cards, E-checks, AmEx, and offers free airmail delivery (without tracking) for orders more than $200 & free traceable delivery for orders more than $300. Their EMS shipping gives the estimated delivery period as 5-7 business days and the airmail around 2-4 weeks.

shipping details



The Internet can act as a great tool to popularize one’s line of business with good work being backed by genuine great feedback. But this website is going the exact opposite way with the net so full of not so good reviews about the website, saying that they do not deliver the products, that the website is a sham and more. Even the testimonials used on the website are an exact copy of testimonials used elsewhere also, which puts another big question mark on its authenticity.

fake reviews



Customers today are definitely intelligent enough to understand the true picture behind a website’s false outer cover. This online pharmacy does not promise anything other than generic medicines available at lower prices. Many scams checking websites also place the website under high-risk profile and warn on doing business with the pharmacy. Hence it is in one’s best interests to find out more about this website before ordering life-saving drugs from them. We can give them only a 1-star trust rating.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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8 thoughts on “ Reviews – Fraud Alert”

  1. The first thing I noticed was the 8 people in a row that said “I have received my package today”….. pretty obvious it isn’t real people posting. You’d expect a few “Thanks for the supplies, recommended by me” or something different than wtf I am seeing.
    Thanks for your input on this place… you may have saved me $ or from my nuts rotting off from eating ground gerbil treats. 🙂

    • Hello, Kevin! You are right, rogue pharmacies tend to take testimonials from other websites so it’s important to be careful while dealing with them. It’s cool our review helped you to reveal the truth! 🙂

  2. Yes indeed. I am a Czech national and I checked the business register at the given address (Sokolovska 131/8, Praha 8 -Karlin). It is a commercial building, where 48 companies are registered, none of them with the given name of Europharm Group Inc. The Inc. acronym in the Czech Republic is not allowed… has to be S.R.O.(which has the same meaning as Inc.) This definitely is a scam!

    • Hello, Jiri! Welcome to our website! Yes, we have no doubts that the online pharmacy is a scam. Thanks for your attention and a comment 🙂

  3. I use this website to order medicine at a fraction of the cost of “American” Pharmacies.
    “Trust what you will, use what you can”.
    I’m very pleased with the service and supplies.
    Thank you.

    • Hello, Mike! Thank you too for leaving your comment and letting us know your opinion regarding this online pharmacy.

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