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4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) will boost your hormones to healthy, young, optimum levels, not just ‘normal.’ The optimum technique of Testosterone Replacement Therapy is bioidentical. They can cure the most extensive range of problems connected with age-related hormone decline by optimizing total hormones, which includes the thyroid.

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Registration Date2015-06-12
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Name of OrganisationMale Excel
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Email[email protected]
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Domain Information

This website’s domain name was initially registered on June 12, 2015, and its presence online will be terminated on May 1, 2027. On September 18, 2022, the material was brought up to date and corrected.


There may be as much as a 12-year gap between when this domain was initially registered and now. WhoIs has conducted investigations, which have resulted in the revelation of information that may be obtained regarding the Registrant contact.


Business Profile

You may find a website that sells generic pharmaceuticals of the greatest possible quality at The generic medications they sell are of the finest possible quality. Products are manufactured in compliance with stringent control standards that are consistently applied all around the world. It claims that the FDA has approved it for sale and that it has the authority to sell it. On the other side, the website in question has been given a very high trust score by ScamAdviser.

high rating


Regulatory Approvals

We have sought the support of LegitScript, a well-known regulatory platform, in order to raise our level of confidence in both the quality of their products and the website that they use. This will allow us to better judge whether or not we can trust them.

certified pharmacyThis online pharmacy was subjected to an audit by LegitScript, which uncovered the fact that it was required to fulfil their requirements for validating Internet pharmacies. In addition, LegitScript came to the conclusion that the website of this online pharmacy fulfils all of the conditions that are necessary to be considered a genuine online pharmacy.


Products and Pricing

At this particular place, the types of things that are put up for sale are ones that are able to be physically handled in one’s hands. The things are packaged in a way that does not instantly reveal what components they include, protecting the privacy of the company’s clients in the process. They provide:

  • productsTestosterone Replacement Therapy
  • Thyroid Therapy

Customers have the option of comparing the prices of the various goods and brands offered by the business in order to assess whether or not the firm is able to provide them with the items and medicines that fall within their price range.



The website does not appear to have any known security flaws. This specific server is responsible for hosting many websites that have received good ratings. They have received incredibly positive feedback on their own website as well as on the majority of the main review websites that cover them.

excellent reviews


Payment and Shipping

You have the option of paying for the purchase using a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer in the event that you do not own any of the aforementioned payment methods. They will start the process of refilling your prescription for you to ensure that your medication is not disrupted in any way. You will get access to an unlimited number of online provider visits at your convenience.


The Patient Care staff is happy to respond to any inquiries you may have and may be reached by text, email, or phone. Contracts are not required for their treatments. Cancelling your order is possible at any moment.



It is a terrific pharmacy because it collaborates with trustworthy nations and duplicates the layout of other websites that are considered to be reliable sources of information. It is not unreasonable, in light of the evidence that has been shown up to this point, to come to the conclusion that the website is running a genuine business operation. In light of the fact that we have given it a great deal of thought, the most positive thing we can say about it is that it deserves a rating of 4 stars.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Pharmacy Ranking

Our team has made a list of the best pharmacies which were reviewed by us and chosen to be trusted according to such points as provided location and physical address, fast delivery, good customer feedback, appropriate pricing and having proper registration to conduct the business of selling pharmaceutical products online. Look at this list and find the most convieneint services for yourself.  
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