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Although today people are sounder in understanding and commonality with meditations, the deception in this domain through online pharmaceutical stores is still in practice. This fraud carries extreme dangers to the public in terms of deteriorating their health and lives at one end, and on the other end, it is an unethical and misleading crime in society. The way to escape through this fraud trap is only through proper investigation of online selling stores and the close understanding of meditations you seek.

Domain Details
Registration Date2018-10-25
Owner CountryUS, Russia
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods
American Expressyes


Domain Info

This domain was created and registered by ERANET INTERNATIONAL LIMITED in October 2018 and is running under an expiry period of one year. It is hosted in the city of Saint Petersburg of Russia. This website runs through HTTP connection with no blacklisting to the date; however, according to Alexa traffic rank, this website is ranked at 5376637, which indicates that the website has very negligible visitors on it. So, there are no reviews on this website, i.e., there is no one in the picture to share his experience with this online pharmaceutical store.



Business Profile

This online store claims that it offers affordable medicines and healthcare products in the world, which are fitness-friendly and that they have a team of professionals to work and serve this commitment. They are the suppliers of various medicines and healthcare products which are manufactured by other companies. They sell both, the branded and the generic pills, which means the medicines are sold with identification from their formula, rather than their brand name. They also offer both categories of medicines, i.e., soft and regular medicines. This business sells medicines even without the prescription of a certified practitioner. They ship the final packaged orders to all around the world based on the shipping terms and modes agreed with buyers.



Regulatory Approvals

Since this site hasn’t got an excessive amount of consideration up until now, the accessibility of data in regards to administrative endorsements is uncertain. We may assume that, with time, and with an expectation of have increased traffic on this site will turn regulatory authorities’ ears to this site and we might see the documented approvals thereon. However, it is too early to expect this, but the right time to recommend that, is having an authentic endorsement from FDA or different experts which regularize the pharmaceutical items inside nation ought to be required.



Products and Pricing

This website offers various kinds of healthcare products and medicines. This is not the manufacturer; rather, they offer products of other manufacturers at your doorstep. The prices are based on product choice. To make prices even lower than usual market prices of branded products, they have adopted selling generic medicines as well. These medicines are based on the same formula that of branded medicines but with considerably lower prices. The exact pricing is still unavailable for any product offered by this website.



Payment and Shipping

The drugstore accepts the payments through various credit cards like:shipping

✔ Visa and MasterCard
✔ Diners Club and JCB
✔ E-Checks
✔ Discover
✔ American Express

The amount may be paid online after filling in a form available on the checkout page which passes the filled in information to the database and, after careful assessment of the provided information, the amount is debited from a credit card. The shipping is carried through third party courier services and the methods these courier services offer. The parcels are also shipped internationally as per agreed incoterms to desired locations with extreme confidentiality.


Delivery Details

Since the shipping is made through third-party courier services or agreed shipping terms, the delivery timelines also vary accordingly. In case, the parcel is misplaced or is damaged during transit, the online store takes full claim on it and resends the new package. Through standard airmail methods, the delivery may take up to thirty days, whereas, through other courier methods, the delivery is faster and trackable through tracking codes.



There are no reviews available so far. As stated in the introduction section of this article, there is almost no traffic on this page, so no reviews so far, which could give little confidence in this online pharmaceutical store.

no feedback



There are few alarming facts about this online store leading to its 1-star trust rating. No proofs are yet available to prove the authenticity of this business, whether online or in any book of business. There is not even shared public experience about this website. There is no evidence of the supervision of any legal authority. The end conclusion sums up in the least confidence on this drugstore and that extreme care should be taken while thinking to transact with it. It is not recommended, as, it is about health, and health is everything.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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