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1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) is yet another wolf in sheep’s clothing — another life-threatening internet apothecary that promises heaven but delivers hell. We probed into the pharmacy’s profile to come up with an evidence-backed inference about its legitimacy. Read on for the full review of this potential killer.

Domain Details
Registration Date2017-06-21
Owner CountryAlbania
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods
American Expressyes


Domain Details

It was only after we searched for “” on the database of WhoIs that we realized it’s a young pharmacy which was registered in June 2017. This isn’t a long time enough for a customer to fully trust the business. There’s a history of rogue businesses registering online for two years, after which they disappear with customers’ huge chunks of money.



Business Profile

The real owner of this business isn’t profiled, but there’s evidence that the merchant and China have strings attached. This evidence comes from the records on WhoIs that reveal the domain name registrar’s name (Eranet International Limited). The registrar is based in China and this can be used to trace the merchant as there must always be a connection between the two. Hiding the contact and location information of a business’s owner among other important details indicates there’s a fishy operation ongoing.



Regulatory Compliance

rogue status

We all know that governments and other licensing authorities have a set of rules put down to ensure that online pharmacies operate in a way that benefits customers. When a business decides to violate such laws, it’s outright considered rogue. The bad news is that Itashopo is one of the violators.

✔ According to ScamAdviser, the webshop is associated with high-risk countries and, therefore, it only deserves a mediocre trust rating
✔ LegitScript classifies it as a Rogue Internet Pharmacy website
✔ It’s missing from the database of CIPA, too
✔ NABP hasn’t included it on the safe pharmacies’ list
✔ The online pharmacy has no genuine regulatory seal(s) on its website

Without any further reasoning, we have more than sufficient reasons to conclude that this isn’t a licensed business. You will, therefore, be trading with it at your own risk, if you decide to do so.


Products and Their Pricing

We found out that the dominant types of drugs sold by this pharmacy are the sexual health types. However, also in stock are various categories of medications that are claimed to treat:


✔ Bacterial infections
✔ Motion sickness
✔ Diabetes
✔ Hair loss

Other types are:

✔ Cholesterol drugs
✔ HIV meds
✔ Skincare supplements
✔ Weight loss supplements

There are even more, but we can’t possibly list all of them. So to conclude the stock of drugs available, it’s a great stock, but there’s no guarantee that all the medications are available. While there’s a claim that these drugs are approved by the FDA, the claims are baseless. How is that even possible if the drugs’ source(s) is/are concealed? Something must be wrong. To their prices, we checked for the cost of a few brand-name drugs as priced by this webshop against others. The difference was that Itashopo’s prices look more cost-effective, though not the best still.


Payment and Shipping

To make payments, you need to be a user of either of the following payment methods:


✔ Visa, MasterCard
✔ Diners Club
✔ E-check
✔ Discover

You can see that the payment options are quite a bundle that can cover a wide range of potential clients. A pat on the back is deserved for this. You can get your order shipped by either:

✔ A trackable shipping service (EMS) that dishes out orders within 5-9 days and costs you $30 or
✔ An Airmail shipping service that takes between 14-21 days to ship your order. Orders delivered by this service aren’t trackable. They cost $10.


Customer Testimonials

To make a more informed judgment about the right pharmacy to buy your drugs, you may need to have a look at what other users have to say about their previous experiences with the same pharmacy. For Itashopo, we discovered that although there are some alleged ‘customer’ reviews on the ‘testimonials’ webpage, they aren’t unique to the pharmacy. The same reviews are used on other deceitful pharmacies like and others. This gives us full courage to conclude that the reviews are copied. But why? Maybe mainly because the pharmacy wants to showcase a false “traffick-adhesive” profile, which is not the real-life case.




Without a reservation, we can conclude that this pharmacy is a rogue. This is a godsend warning as the risks involved when you choose to do business with the pharmacy are far-reaching. The pharmacy isn’t regulated by any legal authority, neither does it have real customers who can give feedback about their experience. Hiding behind certain paid services also implies that some shady deals could be going on. So in a nutshell, the pharmacy deserves a 1-star rating for its profile. Please take care!

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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