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By 2015, Americans were spending over three hundred billion dollars on prescription drugs annually. That should paint you an accurate picture of the level of dependency on prescription drugs that the country’s residents had developed by that point in time. And they are not the only ones. Europe has also seen a spike in the number of people using medication on a regular basis. But unlike the Europeans, the Americans are heavily constrained by the cost of medicine.


The price of life-saving drugs ruins personal finances every single day. It is little wonder that Canadian pharmacies have become a lifeline for many Americans, making high-quality drugs available at only a fraction of the cost encountered in the United States. Of course, while the number of Americans using Canadian pharmacies has grown exponentially, the number of people traveling to Canada to buy drugs is still relatively small. This is because most people prefer to transact with Canadian Pharmacies over the internet, a practice that the FDA continues to discourage. It is worth mentioning that Canada is not the only source of popular online medical suppliers. Americans have shown no qualms about doing business with drugstores in Germany, Thailand, India, and various other nations. That being said, most conversations regarding the use of Online Pharmacies almost always circle back to Canada. That has driven some desperate consumers to wonder whether Canada is truly the medical wonderland everyone claims it to be and if its prices are as attractive as advertised.


Why Online Canadian Pharmacies?


Why do most internet pharmacy reviews 2019 speak so highly of Internet Pharmacies from Canada? Well, there are a couple of reasons, with the most prominent including:


Canadian Pharmacies have a great reputation for only stocking the highest quality products made by trustworthy manufacturers. The country has regulatory bodies that crack down on counterfeit, unapproved and misbranded drugs. They are as potent as the American FDA in their effectiveness and they act like a sieve that keeps low-quality pharmaceuticals out of legally licensed drugstores.

benefitsSo you can trust every pill purchased from an accredited pharmacy in Canada to soothe every ache in your body without attracting any unwanted health consequences.


Not only do the Canadians scrutinize every product their pharmaceutical industry sells but they very closely regulate the activities of the drugstores that operate legally within the country. Pharmacies in Canada are bound by strict rules that govern the types of medication they can sell, the manufacturers with whom they can partner and the patients with whom they can transact. This level of control has allowed the Canadian pharmaceutical arena to steer clear of the scandals that continue to hound the United States.



Canada’s thorough regulatory system has given the country’s pharmacies quite the glowing reputation. Unearned or not, Canada’s pharmacies are widely lauded by both local and international consumers. It is that positive word of mouth that has continued to drive desperate American patients towards Canada’s thriving internet pharmacies.


Are Online Canadian Pharmacies Offering Cheap Drugs For Real?

price listPeople don’t run to online Canadian drugstores because the country has great pharmaceutical regulations. Certainly, many internet pharmacy reviews will push that fact. But, at the end of the day, people flood Canadian internet pharmacies because they are cheap. And that fact cannot be disputed. In 2014, reported on the plight of a retired statistician they had named Bill. Bill didn’t want the publication to use his name but he was more than happy to divulge the details of his story. Bill had a degenerative disease that was threatening to take his one good eye. After exhausting most of his options, he learned that a drug which doctors used to combat multiple sclerosis had the potential to keep his condition at bay.

medication from canada

The older gentleman was happy to experiment with Copaxone. But then he went down to his local pharmacy and learned that the drug would force him to part with $11,000 a year. The price tag stole the breath from Bill who couldn’t even rely on Medicare to cover part of that cost. Bill was at a loss. Fortunately, he spoke to a medical professional who immediately sent him to an online Canadian pharmacy. A month’s supply of Copaxone from the United States would have cost him up to $5,000. But his newly discovered Canadian pharmacy shipped it to him for $1,200. In other words, Bill was saving thousands of dollars every single year by shipping his medicine from Canada.


And he wasn’t the only one. Drugs from foreign sources are so much cheaper. Canada is particularly advantageous because its cheap drugs also happen to be of the highest quality. Of course, it is worth mentioning that while Bill has continued to benefit from the services of a Canadian online pharmacy, his actions are very much illegal. The FDA classifies drugs purchased outside the United States as a health risk.

Because these products have not been properly vetted by the FDA, the organization cannot guarantee their safety. For that reason, they have gone to great pains to remind Americans that the sourcing of drugs from countries like Canada is a crime. That hasn’t stopped people from flooding internet websites with orders. And fascinatingly enough, the FDA hasn’t made much of an effort to enforce its prohibition on the importation of drugs. In fact, they haven’t gone beyond sending out a few warning letters to those caught importing drugs for personal use.


For the moment, the number of people using Online Canadian Pharmacies is relatively small, estimated to fall somewhere within the five million to ten million range. However, tens of millions of Americans fail to fill prescriptions every year because of the exorbitant cost of drugs in the United States. This suggests that the number of people who use Canadian pharmacies to meet their healthcare needs will continue to grow. After all, why would anyone spend $600 on 90-days’ worth of arthritis pain medication from Kmart when they could get the same quantity of drugs for $140 from an online pharmacy? The math heavily favors Canada’s internet pharmacies and the majority of internet pharmacy reviews 2019 prove as much. The right Canadian pharmacy could help you save up to 76 percent on the cost of the branded medicine you need to live a quality life. That offer is too good to pass up.


Why Online Canadian Pharmacies Are So Dangerous?

ordering prescription medicineMost people use internet pharmacies from Canada because they have no choice. Either they break the law by importing drugs from beyond the borders of the United States or they try to survive without prescription drugs. However, the fact that Canadian pharmacies are saving so many lives doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Online pharmacies as a whole are a source of concern. In 2017, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy released a report in which it claimed that 96 percent of all the medical sites that Americans used to fill prescriptions were operating illegally
The NABP came to this conclusion after scrutinizing over ten thousands websites. Some people might shrug this matter aside because their business is done primarily with Canadian pharmacies, not dubious websites in Asia. However, the NABP went on to emphasize the fact that Canada’s frequently lauded healthcare system only ever benefited its citizens, those individuals who could access its pharmaceutical ventures directly and in person.


The NABP believes that most of the Canadian pharmacies Americans transact with on the internet are not actual Canadian pharmacies but, rather, ventures created by intelligent businessmen who have used the reputation that a Canadian name and logo attracts to fool gullible consumers. In other words, a significant portion of the drugs that Americans thought they had acquired from Canada were actually shipped from dispensaries in India and Turkey.

The fact that so many of the medical products that Americans buy simply pass through Canada rather than originating from the country have encouraged the FDA to fight even harder to disrupt the online pharmacy business.


They continue to take a soft-handed approach to the situation, unwilling to put desperate Americans in prison for merely taking the only avenue open to them in a market that has seen drug prices skyrocket. But that hasn’t kept the FDA from directly targeting suspicious Canadian websites and revealing the illegality of their work. It is worth mentioning that not every Canadian website that buys its drugs outside Canada is secretive in its endeavors. In fact, so many of these companies are quite open about the fact that all their merchandise is shipped from countries outside Europe and North America. But this revelation has never stopped consumers from flocking to their doors, still determined to put their lives in the hands of drugs whose efficacy and potency cannot be verified.



This is the problem. The FDA wants Americans to steer clear of internet pharmacies, even those hailing from Canada. But for so many Americans, Canadian pharmacies are their only hope for effective healthcare. So long as Canadian internet pharmacies continue to provide cheap drugs of relatively acceptable quality, this as drug prices in the United States skyrocket, the FDA isn’t in a position to stop the online pharmaceutical trade.

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