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1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

Welcome to our review of I-Health-Market.com. We have investigated a lot about this drugstore platform and we have found that it’s running a scam business. That’s why we want to alert you about this deceptive pharmacy site that is not surely worth your trust. For more details about this platform, domain info, business profile details, products and pricing, and regulatory approvals, please have a look at the following sections.

Domain Details
Registration Date2019-10-15
Owner Countryunknown
Business Information
Name of OrganisationHappyFamilyStore
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-Number+1 (888) 243-74-06
Live Chat Optionyes
Free Shippingon orders over $200
Payment Methods
American Expressyes


Domain Info

Starting with the domain info about this drugstore platform, the site has been registered its domain in the year of 2019. The domain registration date is mentioned as 2019-10-15 and that’s why you can understand that the site does not have much experience as such. The domain is just a few months old and it will be expired on 2020-10-15. The platform is registered on a fake registrar’s name – PakNIC (Private) Limited. It’s a common sign of all rogue internet drugstores. These rogue pharmacies always hide their actual domain info and share vague details. That’s why this online pharmacy has completely hidden its domain registrant contact info. Starting from the domain registrant contact name or address details, everything is hidden. All of these details are not disclosed.



Business Profile

Let’s now validate the business profile details of this internet pharmacy via ScamAdviser. The platform has got the lowest possible trust rating. For instance, the platform has got a low rating of 0% and this implies that the site is completely unsafe and unreliable. unknownThat’s why you must stay away from such an unreliable and rogue drugstore site. In addition to the low trust rating, there are a few more negative aspects of this online pharmacy. For instance, the business profile info like the business owner’s name, organization name, and address details are all hidden. In addition to it, the possible country likelihood is not mentioned as well. Rather, it’s just mentioned as the platform is getting operated from an unknown location. Let’s now summarize the key business profile info of this online drugstore:

✔ The key profile info is all hidden
✔ It’s getting operated from an unknown location
✔ The trust rating is as low as 0%


Regulatory Approvals

Has this online pharmacy received any regulatory approvals or not? We have tried to validate if this drugstore has got the certification seal from LegitScript or not. We have used LegitScript to get all the information about it. Unfortunately, we have found that the platform is not approved by LegitScript. Rather, LegitScript.com has even considered this drugstore website as a rogue as they are engaged in deceptive business activities. The site has failed to fulfill LegitScript’s internet pharmacy verification standards. That’s why it has not got any regulatory approval.

rogue status


Products and Pricing

You can purchase various types of medications from this drugstore. When we have taken a deeper look at these medicines, we have found that these are all generic drugs. They are of very low quality and they are also counterfeit as we have found out. It’s true that the pricing of these medications is pretty low. Compare to the market standard price, you will find that these medications are getting sold at a low price. However, please do not attempt to purchase these poor quality drugs.



Payment and Shipping

The drugstore has mentioned that they support different types of payment methods, such as credit cards and even e-checks. You can use Visa and Mastercard to place an order with this site. There are two shipping options, such as Standard Airmail service and Tracking courier service. The delivery timeline depends a lot based on the location and your actual shipping address. Please note that EMS offers a faster delivery service than Airmail. EMS also has the tracking option.



Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews posted about this internet drugstore on TrustPilot. Since this is a very newbie and inexperienced drugstore platform, they have not got any customer feedback yet. The overall customer reviews and feedbacks of this internet pharmacy are nil or unknown.

might be fake



I-Health-Market.com is definitely a scam. You can not trust this pharmacy for sure! They are running a deceptive business. We have provided it a low rating of only 1 star.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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