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1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

Home-Pills.com is a pharmacy website that seems to make the majority of its sales from selling male supplements. In the text presented in the browser tab, this e-pharmacy describes itself as the ‘Number 1’ official pharmacy. This claim is also made on the pharmaceutical website itself in the top left corner. The authenticity of this e-commerce platform will be put to the test below.

Domain Details
Registration Date2018-05-07
Owner CountryUS
Business Information
Name of Organisation#1 OFFICIAL PHARMACY
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-Number+1(800) 943 9753
Email[email protected]
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingfor orders above $150
Payment Methods
American Expressyes


Domain Info

The domain of this e-pharmacy was originally acquired on the 7th of May 2018 and then it was later updated on the 28th of April 2020. The expiration date was noted down as the 7th of May 2022. The issue is not just that the drugstore website has been operating for just a few years. It is also misrepresenting how long it has been operating, on its ‘About Us’ page it says that it has been in business for over 9 years.



Business Profile

We are not convinced that this pharmaceutical website is a real business. Only third-party companies are listed online in connection to this e-pharmacy. These for-profit organizations are Upperlink Limited and Privacy Protect LLC. Both of these companies specialize in helping website owners hide their identities when shopping online. On Scam Adviser this e-commerce drugstore has a trust score of 60 out of 100. This means that the drugstore platform poses a potential risk to the individuals that visit it and buy from it.



Regulatory Approval

The e-commerce drugstore claims that every one of the drugs that it sells is FDA approved. At the same time, no evidence is provided to support these claims. A further issue is the lack of regulation from other government-approved regulatory organizations. Examples of such regulatory organizations include CIPA, the CPA, and also MIPA. On Legit Script the pharmacy platform is given the accreditation of ‘rogue’ as it is operating without any of the required legal frameworks.

rogue status


Products & Pricing

In addition, this online drugstore also sells prescription medication. The pharmaceutical website claims that its prescription drugs are of the highest quality while also at the same time having “absolutely the cheapest prices”.


Best-Selling Products


Customers also have the opportunity to save 10% if they make their purchases using the Android app run by this drugstore website. However, for some reason, the app happens to have different branding.

 Skin Care

Mental Illness



Payment & Shipping

Mastercard and Visa credit cards are the two payment methods listed on this pharmacy platform. Although credit cards are a widely used form of payment. You must still be cautious when paying using credit cards. On the ‘FAQ’ page it says that shipping will tend to take from 10 to 17 days due to the medication apparently being shipped from manufacturing facilities in India. An average of 5-day delays should also be kept in mind as a possibility. 




While we were researching this pharmaceutical platform there were not any reviews present online about it. This directly contradicts the claims by this e-pharmacy that it is the best pharmacy website in the world. A high number of testimonials are located on the e-commerce drugstore. These testimonials are fake, for example, none of them feature the surnames of the supposedly real customers. Furthermore, some of the testimonials are accredited to first names that are likely not real such as “Thanks”.




To conclude, Home-Pills.com will not sell you any medication instead it is going to promise you the world and simply take your hard-earned money. No one knows who operates this e-pharmacy, which in itself is illegal due to the high level of transparency that is required from pharmaceutical retailers. You should never purchase anything from a drugstore platform breaking the law. We considered every aspect of this e-commerce platform, we came to the decision that it warrants a score of 1 star out of 5. 

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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