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2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

HealPharmacy.com is basically nothing but a new e-drug store that deals in several drugs, medicine and sedatives as well. The website depends on delivery, which means that it’s not an actual vendor that exists physically. Phone orders and online orders are the only methods you can use to get your order delivered, which is not common nowadays unless it’s an actual vendor like CVS for an example. But does that mean that it’s a certified online pharmacy?

Domain Details
Registration Date2013-01-20
Owner CountryCyprus, Russia, Netherlands
Business Information
Name of OrganisationHeal Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Email[email protected]
Live Chat Optionyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Business Profile

Their “About Us” page is not any kind of special, yet it lacks a lot of information. Only two paragraph that only states that this website has been on the web for nine years, their claim that they are bigger than what we think about them due to the fact that they have several divisions that control the quality and delivery process of your packages and orders. They confess that their products are generic and not products that are made by well-known trademarks, which means that they are not of a trusted trademark probably.



Domain Information

The pharmacy tracks back to the city of Nicosia in Cyprus, which means that they have no real base of work in the United States or Canada. The owner’s details are restricted for viewing, but the website that has claimed to be on the web for 9 years was only created 5 years ago.

The client transfer of this website is prohibited which means that it can be transferred to another person till the contract expires in two years time.



Regulatory Approval

The website has two tags on its website. GeoTrust: An online tool to give SSL certifications away for websites to ensure their safety while taking your credentials; such as address, ID number, SSN or your VISA/MasterCard/PayPal details. eTrust: eTrust is another tool but to ensure that the privacy policy is according to the standards they set, one of the most important certificates in our opinion due to their well-known reputation when it comes to reviewing websites.

rogue status

Moving on to the registrations, the website is marked as “rogue” by LegitScript. It was also recognized as an online pharmacy that matches their definition of an unauthorized e-drugstore, which means that it can be a part of a deceptive business or intends to sell false advertised medicines. Adding to the fact that they’re focusing on generic medicine, that might be actually true.


Products and Pricing

A lot of categories can be found, includes but not limited to asthma, birth control, blood pressure, cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, eye drops.

top pills

Most of these medicines, if not all, are generic as we previously stated. The prices are not low, they are moderate to some level but cheaper than the ones that are made under flagship brands. Adding also 10$ to 34$ shipping costs, it sounds like a reasonable price but higher than the expected for generic medicine. They claim that their products are certified but only by the Indian FDA.


Payments and Shipping

They accept only two forms of payment, which are: pay on delivery for phone orders, debit/credit cards for online orders. Of course, if you’ve made an online order; they get the money before delivering the item to your location.

billing methods

But the interesting option that it has tracking options for all their delivery methods but one, and it’s the cheapest one of course. There is a flat cost that ranges from 10$ to 35$ and it’s good to know such information beforehand. Shipping is only to three countries: USA, UK, and Australia. Refunds are available if you don’t get your product in 30 days.

delivery details


Customer Feedback

We can only find fifteen testimonials from users, all of them are 4 and 5 starred. They’re located on their website and we tried to add one, it seems to work but it won’t see the light probably. Who has all the ratings on their websites 4 and 5 out of 5? And all of them are thanking one guy called Rick. Other than that, several reviewing sites marked them as a scam due to their shadowy online customer support and their unclear information about the start time as well.

some feedback



HealPharmacy.com might have some perks such as SSL and Privacy Policy certifications, but they don’t meet the requirements to be a certified e-drug store. Their unclear information about their time in the market is not so good, they claim also to be Canadians but they’re based in Cyprus according to their internet domain information as an administrator is controlling it from there. Not so recommended dealing with so far as they might be another non-legit scam with a trust rating of 2 stars.

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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