Reviews – Attractive But Not Worth Trust

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5) is a surprisingly attractive website. That doesn’t necessarily prove that they are legit. But their appearance makes it so difficult to see them as anything other than a professional medical dispensary. Though, once you start investigating their profile, it becomes clear that they have a lot of skeletons in their closet.

Domain Details
Registration Date2014-05-28
Owner CountryBelize
Business Information
Name of OrganisationGrant Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Email[email protected]
Live Chat Optionyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Domain Details


The domain is a problem but not in the way you think. The store is quite old. They have been around since 2014. The owner created them on the 27th of May, which makes them seven years old at the moment. People are less likely to call them a scam because they have been in operation for so long. However, even though it is so strong, their domain age has ultimately tainted them because they lied about their age on the platform’s ‘About US’ page.

Every time someone looks at the domain age, it will simply remind them of the lie that the owner told, forcing consumers to question whether the drugstore is actually a scam that has successfully camouflaged itself as a legitimate entity.


Related Websites

If the strength of the domain age has tricked you into believing that the store is legit, you should know that their ScamAdviser rating is very poor. It is just 1 percent. After analyzing their attributes, ScamAdviser concluded that they are a risky venture.


As far as the resource is concerned, the threat they pose to consumers is too high to ignore. Their website was reported for having malware in the past and their traffic levels are so low that you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that they don’t get customers. For the moment, they don’t have any related websites.


Business Profile

They have gone to great lengths to mimic the appearance of a professional internet pharmacy. Their ordering system is straightforward. To submit a request for drugs, you must first log in. Once this is done, you can search the website’s catalog for the medicine you want.


Once you find it, the ‘Buy Now’ option will enable you to add the medicine in question to your cart. But before you can submit your request, you have to register. This involves volunteering your phone number, address, and email.

It is worth reiterating the fact that the platform was reported for having malware in the past, which means that their security is still in question. In other words, think carefully before you hand over your personal information.

Don’t forget: the platform’s ‘About Us’ page says that it was created in 2006 even though the domain age has shown that it only came into existence in 2014. You cannot take the boasts they have made about their security seriously.

If you study their site, you will notice that it doesn’t have a business address. The Toll-Free US phone number strongly hints at the possibility that they could be American. But even if that is true, a medical store shouldn’t put you in a position where you have to make guesses about its origins. A trustworthy shop won’t hesitate to publish a business address unless it has something to hide.


Regulatory Authorization

If they are really American, they have failed to prove their worth to the American organizations that accredit pharmacies, which is why they landed a ‘rogue’ classification from LegitScript.

rogue status


Available Products

productsThey sell ordinary drugs that treat conventional illnesses such as:

Motion sickness
 Gastro Health

High Blood Pressure
Fungal Infections

They do not offer any specialized treatments. Their pills are of unknown origin. You can submit orders via email, phone calls, live chat, and through the website.


Payments and Deliveries

They offer delivery services. They use Airmail (10-18 days) and EMS (7-10 days). But they don’t deliver to Norway, Africa, or Sweden.


If you like what you see on their site, you can use debit and credit cards to make payments. They promise savings of up to 80 percent. They also offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.



They don’t have reviews. This is to be expected. Their low traffic levels prove that they don’t have customers.




Despite their absent business address, low ScamAdviser rating, and rogue classification, the site earns a trust rating of 2 stars because they have an attractive website, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and a toll-free number.

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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6 thoughts on “ Reviews – Attractive But Not Worth Trust”

  1. WARNING…. Best STAY-AWAY….. They have NOT shipped after 14 day order shows “Pending”! After 7 days on CHAT a person said “YOU have to CALL to Confirm your order”! If you contact them they provide a “Bogus Ticket number” saying they will be in Contact with in 24 hrs….. Does NOT happen! Strange, my “Credit Card FROZE my account” after 4 strange charges showed up. 2 days after I used that card to place the order. The charges led to a “GoFundMe account”! BEWARE!!

  2. I ordered Ivermectin from Grant Pharmacy Sept 30, 21. After a month it had not come. It seems there was some confusion repayment method. After clearing that up (they finally accepted PayPal) it came about 3 weeks later…from India. It was opened by US Customs (they attached a sticker to the box) and then resent.
    It is not just anywhere you can get so-called “prescription” medicine.

  3. Grant Pharmacy was very attentive. They sent brand name Ivermectin in about 3 weeks. You need to call them on their toll-free number and ask if they have received your order. They are very kind. They are recommended by Dr Lee Merrick. After I received them, they called to follow-up to see if they were received. The medical establishment has tried to keep these healing meds from the public… Let’s help one another.

    • Hello! Thank you for sharing and recommending Grant Pharmacy to our visitors. Now they know where they can buy Ivermectin 😉

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