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1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

Given a whole lot of online pharmacies to choose from, is not the best option! This is a Romania-based online pharmacy which dispenses nonprescription generic medications to a given set of countries. It is a rogue pharmacy with low trust rating.

Domain Details
Registration Date2010-10-27
Owner CountryRussia, US, Romania
Business Information
Name of Organisationhidden
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Email[email protected]
Live Chat Optionyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Domain Information

The domain name that leads to this pharmacy’s official website (trade platform) is 8 years old. It was first taken down as a domain name on 27-10-2010. When you hear that the business is 8 years old, you may quickly think that there’s enough experience in the pharmacy, and trust from the clients. Contrary to that, the pharmacy’s trustworthiness is questionable and the experience isn’t bearing fruit.



Business Profile

The site is basically of a Romanian origin. However, we also established that there are high chances that it could also be based in the Russian Federation. This is also overtly stated on ScamAdviser. Such a furtive behavior is a sign of some phobia for being irresponsible. As far as the records are, the Regional Network Information Center, JSC DBA, who is the manager of this site’s domain name, has always received FDA warnings against hosting websites for rogue online drugstores. We should be able to forebode that, given these suspicious characteristics of the site, it shall also soon be declared Rogue and its host warned again by the FDA.



Drugs for Sale

The medications offered for sale here are generics like, for example, those that help with weight loss, painkillers, impotence drugs, and more. The range is not wide. ALL the drugs are viewable on the “price list” webpage. The quality of drugs sold in this pharmacy is questionable. In the FAQ section, the pharmacy confesses that the costs for having your drugs being approved by the FDA are above normal, and they can’t do that as there are other evasive means. Drugs sold here aren’t competitive in price. In fact, given that the sample of pharmacies that we took to compare the prices with this company all had lower pricing of the drugs we chose, this pharmacy charges more.

special prices


Payment and Delivery

Payments are done via:

  • Western Union
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit cards

This is a reasonable lot of payment options, given that the pharmacy only serves a small set of countries. The pharmacy’s shipping options and costs, though not very clear before one reaches the checkout page, are as follows: 1. Priority Post for EU countries. No tracking number. Cost visible at checkout. Here, there’s a risk of hidden charges. 2. EMS for other countries outside the EU. Costs visible at checkout. Again, there’s a risk of hidden charges. 3. Registered Air Mail Service. There’s a tracking number. Can serve any country, costs $39! These shipping options are enough. However, the fact that one cannot see the shipping costs before they proceed to the checkout stage makes them feel fearful. The site also needs to add the days it takes before an order reaches the client.

shipping info


Contact Information and Response

Fortunately, in the contact section, there’s a live chat option. It enhances the speed of communication between the customer care agents and the client. The only problem with this one is that responses still take some time before they are sent back.

There’s also contact via email. You simply fill a contact form and get emailed back with the response. We found out that it is slow. Response delays for as long as a week. The two above are the only contact details for the pharmacy. They aren’t enough and that could be the cause for the delay in responses.

contact form



Regulatory approvals and licenses are necessary for the customers to know whether they are doing business with a legal or illegal pharmacy. Usually, it represents a pharmacy’s reputation if it is recorded by the most popular regulatory bodies. However, this online drugstore doesn’t possess any approvals.

rogue status


Customer Feedback

There is no customer feedback on the website itself. There’s no option for a customer to estimate the website. This sounds ironical. New and potential customers need reviews to evaluate the performance of a website as the reviewers are old customers who’ve had experiences with the pharmacy. When a pharmacy hides its feedback, as we can see on this one, they know that it is negative and they can’t post it in fear of losing customers. On other sites, we found just one testimonial on TrustPilot, which was positive. On MyWot, the pharmacy has an average of 0.1-star rating. Thus, the pharmacy performs poorly in the testimonials section.

one review



Starting from the likely-counterfeit medications, higher pricing, lack of regulatory approvals, high pricing, uninformative FAQ’s, poor business profile, unclear website location to average customer care and satisfactory website arrangement, and many more, the website deserves not more than a 1-star trust rating from us.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

Pharmacy Ranking

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