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3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5) is the online platform that “Freedom Fertility Pharmacy” uses to engage its patients. As its name suggests, the pharmacy is primarily concerned with helping individuals and couples conceive. They help patients find the right physicians for their conditions. They also work with those physicians to ensure that the patients are properly catered for. Their objective is to make fertility treatments more affordable and easier to access.

Domain Details
Registration Date2005-10-14
Owner CountryUS
Business Information
Name of OrganisationFreedom Fertility Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Email[email protected]
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Domain Info

This website was created on the 14th of October 2005. They have spent more than ten years selling their services, which is impressive. The amount of trust you can place in an internet pharmacy is directly tied to their lifespan. The longer a pharmacy has been in operation, the more trust you can place in them. This firm wouldn’t have survived for so long if it wasn’t doing legit business.



Related Websites

This website seems to have its roots in the United States. They share their server with over two dozen other sites. All these sites have very strong trust ratings from ScamAdviser. Some are as high as 100%. This drugstore has also been assigned a trust rating of 90%. This means that it is completely safe. The company hasn’t been associated with any fraudulent activities.



Business Profile

business infoThis medical firm supports patients that have sought out fertility treatments. They are an American business based in Byfield, Massachusetts. Evidence suggests that they are one branch of a bigger corporation. They exist to help patients who are looking to conceive. They have an online resource that will connect needy individuals to professional healthcare providers that can guide them through the process of seeking out, sifting and then selecting the right fertility treatments for their situation. They also work with the doctors of their patients to ensure that every individual receives the right medical care at the best possible price. They claim to possess over two decades of experience in the field of fertility. Besides the support they avail patients, they also sell medicine. They will fill and refill prescriptions, make deliveries and provide valuable information about the treatment options available to consumers. Their customer support staff is available at all times of the day or night to answer questions. They will tell you everything you need to know about your medicine as well as what you can expect. They will also help you schedule refills and deliveries, that way you never have to worry about running out of the drugs you need.


Regulatory Authorization

LegitScript calls this an unverified internet pharmacy. That means they are not accredited by LegitScript but they are still legal. They have a valid URAC seal.



Available Products

The medical portal deals only with fertility treatments. While they primarily promote their brand name medicine, they will offer generic alternatives to people with financial problems. They normally make an effort to fit within the budgets of their clients.



Payments and Deliveries

Fertility treatments are very expensive regardless of their source. And those sold on this site are no different. That being said, the pharmacy has partnered with organizations like CapexMD and LendingClub to provide patients with suitable financing options that can help them acquire the fertility treatments they need. So if your insurance doesn’t cover your fertility treatment, they will help you get a loan. But if you have the money, you can pay via credit card. Deliveries are free. The internet drugstore has also been known to funnel clients towards programs like Compassionate Corps and Livestrong Fertility which provide financial assistance to certain groups of people. None of those programs are affiliated with this website, though.




You can find consumer reviews for this pharmacy on the Better Business Bureau website. None of the customers there have anything good to say about their experience with this company. They criticize the site for its poor customer service. Supposedly, they rarely deliver on their promises, they frequently fail to accurately process paperwork and their billing system is very suspect.




This pharmacy earns a trust rating of 3 stars. The testimonials are very discouraging because none of the customers seem happy. However, you can’t ignore the fact that this is a real business with actual customers. They have a paper trail you can track and actual accreditation from a source you can trust.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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