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1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5) is the world’s most trusted online pharmacy, catering to the medical requirements of millions of customers located all over the globe. They offer the convenience of a one-stop shop for their customers, complete with a large selection of items and delivery right to the door.

Domain Details
Registration Date2021-12-24
Owner Countryunknown
Business Information
Name of OrganisationForever Living Meds
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Email[email protected]
Live Chat Optionyes
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Domain Info

2021-12-24The website was registered on December 24, 2021, and its registration will expire on December 12, 2023, making it impossible to access the website beyond that date. The particulars had their most current round of edits performed on January 10th, 2022.

This is a good indicator of the reputation of the pharmacy in the neighbourhood since it demonstrates that the business has been operating for more than two years, which the pharmacy has been in operation for. Another piece of evidence that suggests it’s still operating is the fact that the registration was only recently updated.


Business Profile

This particular online pharmacy makes the claim that they are the most equipped to supply its customers with medications of the highest possible quality. They claim that they get their wares solely from reputable manufacturers and that they only sell licensed products in their retail establishments.

about them

Due to the fact that the staff places the highest priority on ensuring the satisfaction of its clients. The price of these medicines is intentionally maintained low, making them accessible to almost everybody who needs them.


Regulatory Approvals

Before establishing an online pharmacy, every online pharmacy will make certain that they have obtained all of the necessary approvals. This is a standard procedure. This is a very important point to emphasize because the health and safety of the customers who consistently shop at online pharmacies are always given a high level of importance by those businesses. But is not reviewed by CIPA.

not a member


Products and Pricing

drugsProducts addressing the following medical conditions are available for purchase from this online pharmacy:

  • therapy
  • men’s and women’s related issues

The pricing of the products is reasonable, and if you have any trouble locating the items that you want, you can get assistance by getting in touch with the customer service department. A medical professional is required to go through and give their stamp of approval to every transaction that involves an online purchase being fulfilled. It is not feasible to get a refund for any product that has been opened or has been used in any manner.


Payment and Shipping

free deliveryThis trusted online pharmacy offers safe methods for customers to use when making financial transactions over the internet. They take perfect care of their customer’s privacy and the security of their financial information, and they provide free shipping on orders that are higher than $250 USD. In addition, they give free returns on all orders.

It is not possible to pay using any method other than those that are made available online at this time. Before making a payment to this pharmacy using any of the several accessible options for doing so, the customer will be required to provide their approval by selecting one of the many distinct payment options that are provided to them.



Customers’ feedback in the form of ratings and comments is the single most crucial contributor to the success of internet pharmacies. It is regrettable that there are no ratings, reviews, or comments accessible for this pharmacy; yet, this is the case.

no reviews

Therefore, before you make any purchases from this pharmacy, we strongly recommend that you spend some time becoming familiar with this website in order to be able to make judgments that are based on accurate information.



A person’s well-being is placed if they put their faith in this website and make a transaction through it. This page’s content, namely the information that is acquired from it, will form the basis for the rating of this pharmacy. They do not have any recommendations, either from regulatory agencies or from satisfied clients and consumers. The number of ratings we are going to award is 1.5 stars.

1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

Pharmacy Ranking

Our team has made a list of the best pharmacies which were reviewed by us and chosen to be trusted according to such points as provided location and physical address, fast delivery, good customer feedback, appropriate pricing and having proper registration to conduct the business of selling pharmaceutical products online. Look at this list and find the most convieneint services for yourself.  
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