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The more you research the pharmacy before buying medicines, the better it is. However, for an ordinary consumer, it is not possible to put hours into researching about every pharmacy. That is why we will today review a pharmacy to help you out. Our review will let you know whether this pharmacy is legit or not.

Domain Details
Registration Date2021-11-26
Owner CountryUS
Business Information
Name of OrganisationOnline Pharmacy
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: 1-800-715-5341
EU: 44-203-318-5981
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingfor orders over $200 - Airmail
for orders over $300 - EMS
Payment Methods
American Expressno

Company Information

The about us page states that it has 7 years of experience. It also promises a 100% delivery guarantee. One claim that it makes is that it sells good quality generic drugs.

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However, it is very difficult to ensure the quality of generic drugs because any authority does not approve them. Apart from that, the pharmacy states that it provides you with a safe and secure payment gateway. Rather than completely trusting the information on the about us page, it is essential to verify those claims. The article below will go into the details of these claims to help you understand if they are genuine or not.

Domain Details

The about us page states that it has seven years of experience. It means that the online operations, are not very old. However, the domain of the pharmacy was only registered in November 2021.


Also, there is no way to verify whether the offline experience of the pharmacies is long as seven years. Considering this information, you cannot trust 100% that the pharmacy truly has an experience of seven years.

Business Profile

ScamAdviser states that the company has a low trust rating. Apart from that, when you dig further into the business details of the pharmacy, you will find that the pharmacy uses privacy protection. It means that the details of the pharmacy that are publicly disclosed are not accurate.


A pharmacy with seven years of experience and following all the rules and regulations would not go to such length to hide its information. The fact that it is using privacy protection certainly raises doubts.

Regulatory Agencies

rogue status

The pharmacy states that it sends Indian manufactured drugs. Also, it states that all of them are approved by the Indian FDA. Moreover, it does not provide any proof that the medicines are approved by the Indian FDA either.

That is why you must just trust the pharmacy’s word. The problem in doing so is that the pharmacy has already made some claims which are likely not true. That is why you cannot trust this pharmacy’s claims without proof.

Available Products


The pharmacy offers you medicines across many different categories like:

  • Anxiety, Asthma, BP
  • Depression, Hair loss
  • Heart disease and so on

The only problem is that in all these categories, generic medicines are available. Because of the same, it becomes difficult for you to get the branded variants. If you’re very particular about the exact medicine you want, this pharmacy will not be able to help you out. Moreover, since the generic medicine’s quality cannot be confirmed, you cannot trust the medicines from this pharmacy.


The pharmacy states that it does not spend any money on marketing. Besides that, it does not pay any taxes in the country in which it is registered. Because of the same, it can provide you with affordable medicines.

free delivery

Sure enough, these medicines are affordable. However, the right way to compare the pricing is to consider the generic medicines sold by other pharmacies. You will realize that the difference is negligible and not as large as the pharmacy advertises. Not only that, the fact that these medicines are generic is another reason they are so affordable.

Payments and Deliveries

The pharmacy provides you with a secure payment gateway. It accepts Visa, American Express, and even checks. All in all, the payment method isn’t going to be a problem when ordering from this pharmacy.


The pharmacy offers you two different delivery methods. The first one is US Postal Service. The second one is courier service. The courier will take seven business days; however, you will have to pay extra. The US Postal Service can take up to 3 weeks for the medicines to get delivered.

Customer Reviews

There are no reviews on TrustPilot. The pharmacy, on its domain, has many testimonials on the testimonials page. However, you cannot verify those testimonials. That is why you shouldn’t trust them if you are convinced about ordering from this pharmacy because of the testimonials.

fake pills

Conclusion raises many doubts. While it might not be a scam and might deliver some medicines, you cannot be sure that it sells good quality medicines. Not only that, it makes many false claims as well. Considering all these factors, it is best to avoid this pharmacy. We can give it only 1 star out of 5.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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by Simon Davis

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