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EzShopMedsHere.com is a pharmacy website. It claims to offer medicines at the lowest prices in the world and guarantees satisfaction as well. Their pricing is certainly very low but there are many things that make shopping on this pharmacy extremely risky. Here is a full review based on thorough research.

Domain Details
Registration Date2019-03-11
Owner CountryPoland, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Business Information
Name of Organisationunknown
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Domain Info

The site was first registered in March this year. It is less than a year old which is very dangerous because most of the fake websites are less than a year old. A pharmacy website should be on the internet for at least 3-4 years to be called legit. Also, there is no information on the owner of this site. Since the owner of the website is hiding from the public, it is probably a scam.



Mirror Websites

Mirror websites are a popular trend of fake internet pharmacies. This website also has a few mirror websites with exactly the same products, prices, web layout and minor changes in the domains. This isn’t a good sign in terms of reliability. Here are examples of mirror websites:

✔ Acs-Pharmacy.top
✔ Acs-Pharmacy.com


Business Profile


The business profile of the pharmacy website doesn’t look good. This site contains no business details like location, owner, and a proper business name. Their business name and domain are completely different from each other. They are using “Easy Medicine Shop” as their fake business name. All these signs indicate that it is operated by scammers and everyone should stay away from this. Its safe browsing status is also unsafe as per ScamAnalyze and visiting this site can cause harm to your computer too.


Approvals from Regulatory Agencies

There are regulations to keep the customers safe while purchasing medicine online but this site has no regulations. It means that it is operating illegally and most probably their medicines are not safe for use.

rogue status

We checked on LegitScript and it said that this site is a rogue pharmacy. It doesn’t meet the standards of a LegitScript internet pharmacy verification. It is not a part of the CIPA member database.


Available Products


This website is also following the footsteps of most of the fake pharmacy websites on the internet. Just like them, its bestseller’s section is also filled with men’s health pills. Though they sell a wide range of medicines their focus is on men’s health pills. They have probably listed the other medicines on their website to look a bit credible.

All the medicines on this website are generic. They are imported from Asian countries like India and Pakistan. These countries have already been accused of bad quality of drugs. Therefore, there are high chances that the medicines you’ll buy from this site are not good for consumption.



They are offering drugs at very low prices. All illegal websites offer low prices to deceive the customers into making a purchase. They are probably involved in the smuggling of drugs. They claim to offer medicines at the lowest prices in the world. It is highly recommended to not make a purchase on this site because they don’t own an SSL certificate. Therefore, you can lose your sensitive data if you purchase any product from this drugstore.


Payment and Delivery

Available payment options are Credit Cards, E-Check, Bitcoin and Ethereum. You will also get free men’s health pills with every order. But since they don’t have an HTML connection, we recommend you should not make a transaction on this site. They offer Airmail and Trackable courier service when it comes to shipping methods. You cannot track the Airmail and it takes around 15-20 days to arrive and costs $10. The trackable courier is fast and arrives in 5-9 days and costs $30.




You will find many testimonials about their service on their testimonial page but the truth is that they are all fake. They are available on many other scam pharmacies also. Additionally, this website was registered in March 2019 while all the reviews on this drugstore have an older date than that. The earliest reviews have the date ’11 June 2015′. Now it is confirmed that this pharmacy is making fool of its users and it is nothing more than a scam.




This drugstore has no approvals and we have no idea from where exactly it is being operated. All the testimonials are fake and it is also a mirror of other scam pharmacies. Therefore, you should not browse this site. We give EzShopMedsHere.com, 1-star rating out of 5.

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