COVID Infections Increase Immunity

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A few years after the pandemic, COVID-19 is still very active. According to a recent NBC News online report, 1 million Americans lost their lives to COVID-19. With emerging variants, medical professionals are constantly having to redefine their previous research on the disease.

COVID also known as the coronavirus is widely known for causing pneumonia that can lead to a deadly lung infection. When COVID first emerged in 2019, there was very little known about the virus’s origins. Today, there is significant speculation about the COVID vaccine because of its expedited production and distribution. Visit drugstore reviews for more details on the coronavirus vaccine.

What Researchers are Saying?

Documentation from the David J. Sencer CDC Museum affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution noted “the first signs of the virus developed in Wuhan, Japan among asymptomatic individuals unable to respond to traditional treatment.”


Today, there are constant variants of COVID continuing to emerge. The deadliest exposure to COVID still remains among the unvaccinated, but more vaccinated individuals are finding themselves diagnosed with the virus on multiple occasions. Medical professionals are still researching and distributing a vaccine for kids and young adults.

Current News on Virus

Recent news about COVID warns about the Omicron and BA.2 sub-variant in order to understand how recent news on the coronavirus is important to you by understanding how the virus is emerging. Let’s take a look at the separate variants below.


The Omicron variant was one of the first to spring forth shortly after the surge of the pandemic. The variant came directly behind the fear and uncertainty of the Delta variant. It’s unique in respect to its unique strain. The biggest threat to our health is how that variant strain mutates. In fact, this is one of the main reasons researchers are closely monitoring all forms of COVID. Popular drugstore reviews will have more details on Omicron.

omicron variant


The BA 2 variant is a sub of Omicron. Researchers are calling it “stealth Omicron” because it has an out-of-control mutation like Omicron.

BA.2 variant

Although, both of these variants have had a decreased percentage in the amount of hospitalized cases. Researchers still have their eye out on future diagnosed cases. They’re also researching the benefits of the vaccine. Hospitalization has diminished, but medical professionals don’t believe we’re out of the woods.

Still Have Symptoms

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discusses the symptoms post-COVID. As experts on the virus, the CDC talks in the detail about the symptoms of COVID reoccurring or lasting for weeks. In some cases, individuals will have a lifelong bout with COVID.

Medical experts have defined prolonged symptoms of the disease as “long COVID.” Long COVID has many symptoms that researchers are still studying to make advancements in medicine to combat the disease. Continue to read more details below to learn about long COVID.

Even after your initial infection of the coronavirus, you can experience lingering or reoccurring symptoms. There is no way to determine who will be impacted by long COVID and who won’t. In this case, long-term care may be necessary. The symptoms of long COVID include:

coronavirus symptoms

  • difficulty concentrating
  • decreased focus
  • headaches
  • change of appetite/taste/vision
  • stinging in the extremities
  • shortness of breath
  • anxiety/depression

As a long hauler of the virus, many people are unable to perform their daily tasks, require long-term medical care, and have depression. Medical research is being done on the side effects of long COVID and why it even exists. Are you experiencing the symptoms of a long hauler of the disease?

Promote Immunity

full vaccination

Immunity happens when our body wanes off an illness or disease, and the body creates antibodies to defeat future attacks. Herd immunity is when the major of the population is diagnosed and recovers from the disease. Learn more about herd immunity from drugstore reviews online.

Hopkins Medicine online says “a mild case of the disease won’t result in immunity”. Overall, medical research has discovered breakthrough immunity occurs faster than immunity from the vaccine. Simply put, a breakthrough increases your likelihood of immunity.

There are some treatment options being developed for symptoms of long COVID. Many experts agree lifelong medication and therapy are the only recourse against the disease. People with the vaccine are contracting the disease multiple times and suffering the effects of long COVID.


People with breakthrough immunity also have a reduced chance of contracting symptoms of the coronavirus in the future. The best way to determine your immunity is by discussing your unique case with a medical professional. Research suggests you should never assume your immunity, but get a professional opinion from a doctor.

While many believe the worst of COVID is behind us, questions about the vaccine and immunity are essential. Each individual is different and the virus will impact them differently from others, even family members. The same is true for exemption, each individual’s system will respond differently. We’re not out of the woods with COVID, but hospitalization continues to decline.


If you think you’ve contracted COVID or one of its variants, you should talk to your doctor right away. They can also help you discover if you’re a candidate for breakthrough immunity. Do you have questions about the immunity of yourself or a loved one? 


Don’t be afraid to reach out for medical attention to attempt to build immunity. Research suggests you could be doing yourself more harm than good by avoiding medical attention for suspected COVID. The study of immunity for children and adults has yielded very different results. 

In fact, if you believe you have immunity, you should be tested to reaffirm your immune system has or is producing COVID-fighting antibodies. Surprisingly, there is more known about the virus and the result of immunity than when the virus first appeared. For more facts about breakthrough immunity, you’re invited to talk to your doctor.

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