Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects

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The Coronavirus has swept the world since early 2020, yet the response has been unprecedented with the top scientists around the world being able to develop multiple working COVID-19 vaccines within less than a year. There is a large number of symptoms caused by the vaccines, each ranging from the severity and also how commonly they occur. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most common Coronavirus vaccine side effects that you should be aware of.



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One of the most common side effects of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine is feeling tired. The reason for this is that a vaccine will make you slightly ill so that your body develops antibodies to the virus so if you do really contract the disease later on your body will be able to effectively fight against it. Below we have featured a short video from the University of Wisconsin-Madison that gives you tips on how to recover with greater ease from COVID-19 induced fatigue. It is important that every time you are accessing any advice about COVID-19 that you make sure it is from a reputable organization, if it happens to be a pharmacy website you can check the online pharmacy reviews.


Feeling Cold

Another very common symptom right after you have taken your vaccine is that you will feel colder than average. Therefore you have to make sure that you are wearing adequate layers of clothing and if needed you can turn up the heating in your home. When feeling abnormally cold you should try to avoid exercising excessively which can cause you to sweat and thus increase the chances of you falling ill.

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Muscle Ache

As your body is fighting the weakened strain of the virus that you have been vaccinated with you will very likely feel aches in many of the muscles in your body. This pain will occur even if you do not happen to be exercising or doing any physical work. You should not worry about this, as it is a sign that your body is in the process of developing resistance against the COVID-19 virus.

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Nausea & Sickness

It is also like that you will feel nauseous when standing up and sitting down, when feeling nausea you should be careful because if you eat something that will upset your stomach or being involved in something that will exasperate the feeling of nausea you will increase the chances of you being physically sick. Underneath, we have featured a few tips on how to cope when feeling like you are about to vomit.

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  • Keep Hydrated, a common misconception is that if you stop consuming fluids that you are less likely to be sick, this is actually not the case. Your body needs water to function and if you don’t provide it with water then you will make yourself feel even sicker.
  • Eat Less, you should try to cut back on the size of the meals that you eat if you are usually a person that tends to eat a couple of large meals a day. This does not mean that you should starve yourself, instead, you can just eat a higher number of smaller meals.
  • Avoid tight clothing, tight clothing especially around the stomach area such as pants, t-shirts, and shirts for example. You should give the needed space for your body to feel comfortable.
  • Keep Food Simple, you have to keep the food include the drink that you are consuming simple. This means that you shouldn’t consume something too spicy for example as well as avoiding carbonated drinks and also alcohol.
  • Think About Something Else, it is also key for you to keep your mind preoccupied as this will help make the recovery process much more seamless.




A short-term headache is a natural side effect. Headaches occur when muscles and blood vessels in the body in proximity to the head such as the neck and scalp begin to tighten up which happens when you are ill. To alleviate headaches you can take painkillers such as paracetamol, however, make sure to take them at the recommended intervals which are usually every 4 hours and stop using them after the described period of time.

You should also make sure to buy your painkillers from reputable pharmaceutical retailers, an increasing number of individuals are purchasing from e-commerce pharmacies. Before purchasing from an e-pharmacy you should check out the associated online pharmacy reviews about the online drugstore that you are considering buying from.




A fever is when your body’s temperature goes outside of the natural and healthy range which tends to be 36.5 degrees Celcius or 97.7 degrees Fahrenheit to 37.5 degrees Celcius or 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. A fever is generally classed as any time that your body temperature goes above this healthy range.

Your body is very sensitive and complicated, so any kind of imbalance can have big consequences. When you have a fever you will usually feel sick and also feel really hot or cold. To tackle a fever you can take medication but ultimately you have to wait for your body to recover which should take a day or two on average.


Swollen Armpit and Neck Glands

A further symptom that you should expect is a swollen armpit and neck gland. This is a fairly rare side effect that according to statistics by the United States Department of Health affects between 1 in 100 people. It is not dangerous but it may make you look slightly abnormal for a short amount of time but it will quickly come to pass.

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Joint Pain

Joint pain is also something that you should be open-minded about occurring to you for a short period of time once you are vaccinated. These joint pains will likely be felt in your most active areas such as your arms, wrists, feet, and kneecaps. You should not worry about it as this is temporary.

joint pain



As your body is building up a resistance against the Coronavirus once you have been vaccinated you may experience higher than usual sweating. This occurs because when you are ill your body’s temperature will increase which will trigger your skin to sweat in order to cool you down. In particular, this side effect is not painful although it can be annoying and also lead to spots on your face if you do not remove the sweat hygienically.

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Loss of Appetite

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Loss of appetite is also something that may occur, it is also a symptom if you have developed the Coronavirus but you should not worry about this as you cannot fall ill with COVID-19 by being vaccinated. You should keep in mind that just because you have less of an appetite that your body still needs its nutrients and minerals in order to function so make sure that you are eating and drinking well. You can also buy mineral supplements from drugstore websites, but make sure to check the online pharmacy reviews beforehand.

All in all, it is not the worst symptom to have. Regardless if you are affected by any of these side effects or are not, you should not be discouraged from getting vaccinated as it can potentially save your life and that of your loved ones around you.

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