Coronavirus: Situation Summary


Coronavirus is now officially a pandemic meaning that it is now recognized as a disease that has managed to spread all around the world. It is constantly in the news, despite this there are still a lot of people that do not know what the Coronavirus is and do not understand how it works. In this article, we are going to be summarising the Coronavirus situation in detail.


What Is  Coronavirus?


The word Coronavirus is not one that has been recently invented, it is used to describe a type of a group of viruses that tend to show symptoms of common colds and the flu. Viruses from the Coronavirus family are generally not highly lethal, however, they can still kill potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions of people if they manage to infect a large number of people. Furthermore Coronaviruses also each have the unique characteristic that they are ‘zoonotic’ meaning that the disease spreads from animals to humans.


Evidence Shows It Began in China


Evidence shows that the Coronavirus disease has originated from Wuhan which is the capital city of the eastern province of Hubei in China, with a total population of over 19 million people when you include the metro area of the city is one of the most populated cities in the world. There has been a lot of criticism going around both inside China and outside China due to the abundance of evidence that the Communist Chinese government tried to cover up the spread of this new disease for weeks which allowed for it to spread around a large number of people. It also did not help that Coronavirus started spreading in December 2019 a few weeks before the start of the Chinese New Year which is the biggest human migration every year, with hundreds of millions of Chinese nationals and people of Chinese descent making an estimated 3 billion trips inside the country of China during just a few weeks.


Scientists Believe It Could Have Come From Bats

wild animal

Although this claim has not yet been proven scientists are currently going with the hypothesis that the Coronavirus originated in bats and was transferred to humans who ate those bats after buying them from the so-called ‘wet markets’ which is a type of market where fresh produce is sold including hundreds of different species of live animals, they are notorious for not following the strict hygiene procedures.

market in china

Another problem is that the majority of animals sold at the wet markets in the city of Wuhan and other Chinese cities are wild animals so they have not been properly treated with medication to prevent the development of such diseases in them.

The main reason that Chinese and international scientists are suspecting that the Coronavirus came from bats is that SARS which is another type of Coronavirus caused a much smaller scale outbreak in China in 2002 and 2003.


Officially Known as COVID-19


Despite the Coronavirus disease being found in mid-December and taking off through the month of January, it wasn’t until the 11th of February 2020 that the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially named the disease. Due to how long this process took the name Coronavirus has managed to stick and it is still used by a large part of international media organizations and scientists.

When naming the new virus as COVID-19, the WHO made sure to avoid adding any geographic identifiers in the name e.g. ‘Chinese’ in order to avoid associating the region and people with the disease.


Symptoms of Coronavirus


Although it is not possible to 100% accurately self-diagnose yourself about whether you have contracted the Coronavirus there are still a number of symptoms that you should be looking out for. It is also recommended that you follow the rules of your resident country as not every country currently has the capacity to allow everyone to walk into a hospital and get tested for the Coronavirus. For example, some countries such as the United Kingdom recommend that if you are showing symptoms or suspect that you are infected that you should self-isolate at home for 14 days and only to go to the hospital if you are in a severe condition.

✔ Coughing, the Coronavirus’ symptoms are similar to those of a cold or the flu, one example of these symptoms of coughing. If you are suffering from a cough there is a potential that you may have the Coronavirus.
warning signs✔ High Temperature, if you are suffering from high temperature also known as a fever then you may have contracted the Coronavirus. The normal human temperature tends to be between 36.1 degrees Celcius to 37 degrees Celcius if it is outside of that there is a high probability that you are ill.
✔ Feeling Fatigued, additionally, if all of a sudden you start to feel very tired and weak that is another big symptom that you may be ill from the Coronavirus.
✔ Runny Nose, having a runny nose is another symptom well known for viruses such as the flu, cold and it is also associated with the current Coronavirus that is spreading around the world.
✔ Diarrhea, in up to 4% of patients that have been infected by the Coronavirus they will suffer from Diarrhea side effect which is a big hint that you could be infected from this virus.


Who Is Most at Risk From Coronavirus?

Research currently shows that currently there are two most at-risk groups of people that are most at risk of dying from the Coronavirus. These two groups are the elderly and the people that have pre-existing health conditions, often these two groups go hand in hand as a lot of elderly people also have pre-existing health conditions. However, it is important to know that everyone has the same chance of catching the disease although people that generally work certain jobs such as doctors, nurses and the police where they have to be in contact with many people every day are most at risk of becoming infected.

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Possible Coronavirus Treatments


Currently, there is no universal treatment available for Coronavirus, instead, the policy tends to be to keep individuals healthy and alive so their bodies can naturally fight off the disease. There have been some suggestions such as using Hydroxychloroquine which is the generic name for a drug also sold under the branded name Plaquenil which is used to treat malaria although there is little evidence to prove that it is effective against Coronavirus. Before using it you need to learn about Hydroxychloroquine side effects and read Hydroxychloroquine reviews.


How Many People Are Infected Worldwide?

The number of infected people by Coronavirus is constantly changing, the best way to stay updated is to read popular news websites such as the BBC and CNN. Additionally, there are websites such as Worldometer that allow you to track the individual figures much more easily.



When Will Coronavirus Vaccine Be Created?


There have been numerous news reports about different vaccines for the Coronavirus being created already, however before they can be distributed and used by what will be millions of people they need to go through several testing phases and patient reviews to make sure that they are safe to use as the last thing you want is to release a vaccine that ends up infecting people with the Coronavirus rather than helping their body build up a resistance against it.


How Can I Limit Chances of Getting Coronavirus?


There are three ways to limit the chances of you getting Coronavirus, the first way is to self-isolate if possible but this depends on your job as not all people such as health professionals, police and other public sector workers whose work is classed as essential are allowed to not go to work.

The second way you can protect yourself from the Coronavirus is to wear protective clothing that will cover your mouth, nose, and eyes as these are the common entryways for the disease to get in the sufferer’s body.

Finally, you need to make sure to wash your hands, but more importantly, it is to wash your hands properly. The video that we have included below shows how to clean your hands in order to minimize the chances of the virus still remaining on that part of the body.


Economy Will Be Major Side Effect

Without a doubt, the world economy is going to suffer majorly from this viral epidemic due to economies in many countries being literally stopped to a standstill due to the quarantines being set up to reduce people’s freedom of movement and thus the spread of the Coronavirus. Therefore, people need to follow the advice of their respective governments and health professionals in order to help stop the spread of this virus, as you will have enough opportunities to for example go to the theatre when this is all over.




To conclude the Coronavirus is what seems to be an unprecedented event that is affecting the entire world, however, in reality, there have been countless of warnings and criticism by health professionals, scientists and also famous advocates including Bill Gates about the lack of preparedness by governments around the world to deal with a global pandemic if it occurred. During this pandemic you have to follow the orders of your government, help the vulnerable in your local community such as the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions by for example doing their shopping so they can avoid large crowds to reduce the chance of them becoming infected and finally remaining optimistic as sooner or later this will all be sorted out.

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