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1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5) is claimed to be a US-based online pharmacy that sells specialized generic health drugs for men intended to improve their performance on bed. Although the website layout looks fine and does not give you an impression of a scam business straight away, we found several pieces of evidence during our investigation that questions the legality of their business. Read below to know more about what we found during our probe.

Domain Details
Registration Date2016-09-27
Owner CountryUnited States
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCialisbit
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingyes
Payment Methods
American Expressyes


Domain Information

The Whois data of this pharmacy says the domain was created on 27th September 2016 and currently has an expiry date of 27th September 2023. This is a good sign for the pharmacy as they existed longer than several other rogue pharmacies and with a longer expiry date, it can entice people towards their business. However, suspicion starts when we discovered the registrant of the domain is a Pakistan based company called Paknic Private Ltd and runs on a shared server along with 19 other websites. For a pharmacy that claims to be US-based, this information does raise some eyebrows.



Business Profile

Another reason for suspiciousness is the owner has chosen not to disclose any information regarding their identity as well as their actual physical location. Because of that, we are unable to verify their actual identity and location. All their contact details and social media pages are either not working or giving some pre-taped responses to our queries.



Regulatory Approval

If their business is actually legal, then they should have acquired all the essential regulatory approval from concerned authorities such as CIPA, MPA, PharmacyChecker, etc. However, we found during our probe that the business is not present in these authority databases. Furthermore, LegitScript classifies the business as a rogue one meaning no matter how hard they try to sell their products, they are low-quality and are not suitable for human consumption. In such cases, it will likely cause side effects on your health.



Available Products

The pharmacy mainly sells specialized men’s generic health drugs at a lower price. However, they don’t sell other health products like most rogue pharmacies. These drugs are specialized because they help them to avoid legal troubles from the authorities. They claim all their products are fully verified and approved by the FDA, but we did not find any evidence to believe such claims.



Product Pricing

The pricing of their products is extremely low which immediately raises questions about their quality. They claim their products are manufactured and dispensed from India where these products are often duplicated and sold below their actual market rate.


Payment Methods

The pharmacy accepts the following payment methods:

shipping✔ Visa
✔ Mastercard
✔ Bitcoin

The involvement of Bitcoin also raises suspicion regarding their business as the crypto mainly used by the fraudsters to dupe customers and stole both their money and sensitive information. You are also sent to an external link during checkout that does not have an SSL certificate. The main website although claims to have an SSL certificate from Comodo, clicking that link sends you to their contact us page instead of the certificate provided by Comodo.


Shipping Methods

The pharmacy claims ship almost all the countries in the world except few countries such as Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, South Africa, Malaysia, etc due to their strict import laws regarding these types of drugs. They use the following shipping options:

options✔ Airmail, with an estimated shipping period of 2 to 3 weeks with no tracking at the cost of $29
✔ Express shipping, with an estimated shipping period 7 to 10 business days with tracking at the cost of $39

They also offer free shipping on every Airmail order over $80 and every Express order over $150.


Customer Testimonial

They have their own customer testimonial page where you can read what their previous customers are saying about their products and services. These reviews look genuine from the naked eye, however, if one looks closely, these reviews appear to be very random and most likely fake.

some feedback



In our investigation, we found mixed signals about their legitimacy. On one side, the owner’s lack of transparency regarding their whereabouts, no legal approval, fake reviews while on the other side domain’s longevity, higher trust rating from both ScamAdviser and TrustPilot makes a good case for them to be a legit business. If you are dealing with them, you need to stay cautious and disclose as little information as possible. We give this pharmacy a 1.5 out of 5 stars based on our comprehensive investigation.

1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

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  1. I have been buying from them for years now and never had any problems. Matter fact they shorted me 90 viagra pills and in return they sent me 200 for free. Thanks, Chris.

    • Hello, Chris! Thank you very much for leaving your comment and telling us about your experience with the online pharmacy 🙂

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