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Merely by checking the website’s homepage, you cannot know whether the pharmacy is legit or not. Every pharmacy tries pretty hard to appear legit. However, in conjunction with the pharmacy domain, you need to check it across many third-party websites and collect various data points to know whether the pharmacy is legit or not. Today as well, we will shed light on one such pharmacy. Our review will go into every aspect of this pharmacy to let you know whether it is legit.

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main page Reviews – Tagged as Scam

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An online drugstore is a healthcare facility that provides medication to patients in need. It’s a vital part of modern society, and many people rely on pharmacies for their health needs. However, not all pharmacies are equal, and some companies may be unable to meet your needs. In this review, you’ll learn what to look for when choosing the right pharmacy and avoid all scams.

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main page Reviews – Sham Store

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) reportedly distributes various high-quality generic medications to customers at the lowest possible price. The company also prides itself on providing the fastest delivery and the best shopping experience. The medications offered by the online pharmacy are reportedly sourced from Cipla Laboratories, which is mentioned as its main supplier.

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main page Reviews – Small Business

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Exposing an online scam pharmacy that not only takes customers’ money but also sends orders not made by customers to the address provided. They sell cheap medicine, claiming that they are all organic, why it’s cheaper. is a Vietnam-based online drugstore that offers large amounts of discounts, vouchers, and gives free medicine with a minimum of $70 purchase for new customers, and offers free shipping and COD delivery with the company’s delivery service.

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main page Reviews – Don’t Buy Here

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This is another online drugstore that we will talk about. By doing a review, we will help you determine if this shop is legit or a scam. The details we’ve presented were found with excellent research to ensure that this article is truthful to keep you away from any dangerous online pharmacy.

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main page Reviews – Dangerous and Unsafe

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) portal supposedly distributes prescription pills, over-the-counter and generic medications from pharmaceutical manufacturers to customers at a low-cost price. The company’s vision includes medications reaching people in need on time through its fast delivery. Furthermore, the pharmacy e-store claims to have a dedicated team of medical experts in charge of high-quality distribution of health products and services.

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