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In today’s world, there are a large number of people who come across some websites on the internet. They purchased something from that website but after sometimes find out that the website is just a scam and that hurts a lot. So, before importing any product from the online site, you must verify its reviews by searching it online. People often give them on a specific website, and that is very much helpful. Another excellent result for analyzing an online site at first is that you can have the data on whether they are doing dealings according to the policy and rules or not. Following is the review of It’s an online store of drugs dealings based in Canada.

Domain Details
Registration Date2018-12-21
Owner CountryRussia
Business Information
Name of OrganisationCanada Drug Center
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Live Chat Optionno
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Domain Information

When you check the website domain creation date on IsLegitSite, you may find out that this website is created just seven months ago and has too low traffic at all. It is a legit site, not scamming. Also, it is not blacklisted as it is a new site and was founded just seven months ago. The site is hosted in Canada.



Business Profile

The website claims to offer a wide range of famous brands and medications at a considerably low price. The site delivers the order to all over the world. This site has the right amount of data on it, so it looks like an old one. Also, it provides some articles to its viewers on guidelines to manage diverse diseases by different techniques. It claims to have a license from the Canadian International Pharmacist Association (CIPA).



Regulatory Approvals

There is no information about the website’s owner. The site claims that all of its affiliated centers are approved by regulatory bodies but does not provide further information on these bodies. Regulatory bodies are linked with this website to show that the site has the approval to distribute its medical products as if it’s a legit website, so it’s a must for this website to get authorization from medicine agencies.



Products and Pricing

The website offers a wide variety of drugs from local to branded drugs in 10% discount from the market value. It provides various types of drugs, which are:


✔ Heart
✔ Immune
✔ Asthma
✔ Cholesterol control
✔ Eyecare
✔ Hypertension and much more variety of drugs

These verities range from 0.81$/table to about 50$/tablet depending on the type of medicine you want. When you search its products, you will find that the website offers different kinds of drugs.


Payment and Shipping

According to the website’s shipment policy, they claim that their typical delivery fee per parcel is $10. Each order is process and transported within two to three days of having your order and recommendation. All packages are insured, and in case of any damage or loss will be paid back. The website has various ways to get an order, which includes fax, email, and mailing address. The website does not offer any popular payment options such as Payoneer, PayPal, etc.



Delivery Details

It often takes 8 – 12 days (excluding weekends) delivery for orders in Canada and 16 – 18 days (excluding weekends) for international orders from the timeline when your order has been set. The procedure is straightforward; you have to fill a form of your details, doctor’s prescription, and the required medicine and send them via email, fax, or mail them to their address.



The website is very well planned and user-responsive. But it doesn’t have a page for testimonials and displays the fake rating based on unreal rates. Although according to the website’s claim, it is approved by regulatory bodies of different countries and it also gets approval from Canadian International Pharmaceutical Association, yet there are some uncertainties. As it is a legit site, so it has to show its owner’s information which includes name and location. The anonymity of a legit website’s owner’s info is itself saying that these types of sites are scams. Their main aim is to gather users’ data. If we talk about their claim about the approval by CIPA, they should show that authorization to prove their claim. They even aren’t showing any of the approval from regulatory bodies they are claiming. So from the support of the above evidence and information, the website under review receives a 2-star rating, and we never recommend to buy your medicine products from this website.

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If you are importing medicines from an online store, you have to be careful and cautious. You never know what the aims of the online store from where you are buying the medicines are. They can sell unregistered products which can be harmful to your health, can be a scam and are mainly used to collect people’s data. From our evidence, we can say that is a fake and scam site with a 1-star trust rating.

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

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