Best Products for Hair Loss

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Hair loss is scary mostly because it is always so unexpected. The term, for those who don’t know, refers to an ailment that causes your hair follicles to stop actively growing out of your scalp. It affects tens of millions of people in the US alone, and once it begins, it could continue progressing until you lose all your hair, unless you take steps to arrest it.


People typically associate hair loss with men but women are not immune to this illness. In fact, for women, hair loss is even more nerve-racking because their hair is such a critical aspect of their identity. So what do you do when you notice that your hairline has begun receding? Should you just sit back and watch as every hair follicle on your head fades, leaving your scalp all but bare? Are their steps you can take to bring this ailment under control? Can you reverse hair loss in the first place? These are the questions so many people ask on a regular basis.


What Causes Hair Loss?

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Hair Loss doesn’t just happen. It has causes, factors that compel your follicles to either fall out or stop growing. Understanding the root cause of this illness matters because what you discover will determine the treatment options you can use. If you think your hair is starting to thin, one of the following has to be the culprit.

✔ Genes

For some people, the loss of hair is genetic. If everyone in your family has gone bald at some point in their life, then you can expect the same thing to happen to you down the line. In fact, the genetic aspect gives you ample time to prepare because simply studying the men and women in your family will tell you what to expect ahead of time.


✔ Hormones

The loss of hair in men is sometimes associated with the presence of dihydrotestosterone which has been proven to shrink hair follicles. For women, hormonal changes caused by menopause and pregnancy will affect the manner in which their hair grows. Science has a general understanding of the operations of hormones. But some of the effects hormonal changes can have on the human body are still a mystery. As such, if the loss of your hair originates from hormonal factors, you might struggle to identify an effective treatment.

✔ Age

causes of hair lossHair grows in cycles that repeat throughout the average individual’s life. But when you grow old, the follicles growing from your scalp begin losing their strength. This, in turn, disrupts the growth cycle. As a result, either your hair doesn’t grow to the length you knew or it stops growing completely.

✔ Stress

Stress throws your body into a “fight or flight” mode which is perfectly fine if it is temporary. However, if the stress persists, your body will begin to sacrifice unnecessary systems like hair growth in order to augment the efficacy of critical functions. You must consider your health as well. Certain illnesses have been known to encourage hair loss. If it isn’t your illness, then the medicine you are using to treat it could be the culprit.


What are the Best Products for Hair Loss?


If you can identify the source of your hair loss, your doctor will have a better chance of prescribing effective treatment. If you have chosen to treat the ailment on your own, simply skimming through a few pharmacy reviews won’t help you. You need to know where to start, which products have the best chance of actually treating your condition. If you are completely new to this field of medicine, consider the following:

✔ Revita Stimulating Shampoo

Revita Hair Growth Shampoo uses ingredients like Biotin, Vitamin B2, and Emu oil to strengthen the elasticity of your hair follicles. You can rely on the Nanosome technology from DSL labs to inject the ingredients into the scalp with unrivaled accuracy. Revita is supposed to reduce the rate at which you lose hair.

spray✔ Minoxidil

This topical medication claims to regrow hair. The claim sounds dubious. But the product, which doesn’t require a prescription to buy, has FDA approval. So it probably isn’t a scam. That being said, you can’t stop using it. If you do, any progress you made with your hair will begin to reverse.

✔ Derma Roller

The Derma Roller is a handheld device. When you roll it over your scalp, the tiny surgical needles attached to it will leave several microscopic wounds in their wake. This sounds horrific but there is some logic to it. The studies recommending the product claim that this assault on your scalp compels your body to initiate the healing process, causing a new skin layer that can grow hair to form.


✔ Rosemary Essential Oil


This is an organic approach to the hair loss problem and one that doesn’t even require you to pour over pharmacy reviews because you can find rosemary essential oil in any supermarket. Yes, it smells great but that isn’t the point. Some dermatologists recommend it because they believe that it promotes hair growth. You only need a drop of the stuff in your shampoo to get the required results. Make sure you massage your scalp thoroughly.

✔ Caffeine Stimulating Shampoo from Ultrax Labs

Studies have touted caffeine as an effective means of combating hair loss because it has the capacity to increase the rate at which hair follicles grow. This shampoo takes advantage of that particular attribute.


The product uses caffeinated compounds, Ketoconazole, and essential oils to keep your scalp from losing even more hair.

✔ DHT Blockers

DHT is one of the most common causes of hair loss in men. For this reason, one of the most effective tools for fighting this condition is to take DHT Blockers like Finasteride and Revita Tablets.

✔ IRestore Laser System


This product looks like a helmet. Once you put it on, it will use light energy to increase the metabolic rate of your cells, reactivating your hair follicles and compelling them to grow. Fight the urge to use all these products at the same time because such an approach is unlikely to yield results. Look carefully at the pharmacy reviews you have found. Consider the testimonials of other patients of hair loss. You can learn from their mistakes and triumphs.



Hair loss sounds trivial but it is painful for those who have to contend with it. Sure, it isn’t fatal but the psychological consequences of losing one’s hair can ruin lives. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer alone or in silence. In fact, you don’t have to suffer at all, not when items like the ones mentioned above can help you to not only stop the loss of your hair but to also reverse it.

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