main page Reviews – Rock Solid Wholesale Distributor

(3 / 5) is unique because they do not operate an ordinary pharmacy. Rather, they distribute medical products to physicians and healthcare providers. They do not have the same high-profile presence people associate with older drugstores on the internet. But they are definitely legit.

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main page Reviews – Not the Best Solution

(3 / 5) is an e-commerce website that portrays itself as being based in Canada. On top of this, it is also claimed to service customers located in the United States. This drugstore website also functions every day of the week. although it operates for two hours less during the weekends. It is important that you take care when purchasing medication online, in this article we will be verifying whether this online pharmacy is a good option. 

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main page Reviews – Highly Disappointing Indian Drugstore

(1 / 5) is one of the fastest-growing internet pharmacies around the world that sells both prescription and OTC drugs at affordable rates to their customers. The website is neat and clean and the layout used by the owner looks professional and uncluttered. They also claimed on their website that they have over 7 years of experience in selling medical products and offer 100% customer satisfaction. There are plenty of lofty claims made throughout the website, which prompted us to review the website. Read below to know what we found during our investigation.

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main page Reviews – Professional Drugstore

(4 / 5) is a pharmacy website that self-describes as a “revolutionary telehealth platform”. Users and visitors of this e-commerce drugstore are able to contact the customer service team by phone, fax, email, and also by sending a letter to the physical address of the online pharmacy. All orders are completed in a discreet way that ensures customer privacy. If you would like to read more about this e-commerce pharmacy, you are welcome to read further below.

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main page Reviews – Based in Canada

(3 / 5) is a pharmaceutical website that is based in Canada. Despite being located in Canada, the e-pharmacy also services clients in the United States. On the online drugstore, there is a selection of two languages for customers to pick from; English and Spanish. The quality of this e-commerce website’s service will be investigated in this article. 

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main page Reviews – Strong and Trustworthy Network

(3 / 5) is India’s largest branded pharmacy network. Because it is owned by Apollo Hospitals, people are quick to trust the website. Apollo Hospitals is a massive healthcare group, the largest in Asia. People do not expect the organization to participate in any online activities that would defraud consumers. But this internet pharmacy is far from perfect.

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