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(3 / 5) is a very popular website that people use to shop for online drugs. They sell their commodities at very affordable prices compared to other local shops. Other than offering pharmaceutical drugs, this pharmacy offers nutrient supplements to ensure a patient’s health is on the check. They mainly deal with generic drugs. We decided to perform a random survey about this site to ascertain if it is a scam or a legit medicine dealer.

Domain Details
Registration Date2002-09-16
Owner CountryUS, Barbados, European Union
Business Information
Name of OrganisationAll Day Chemist
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1(855) 840-0584
UK: +442075721246
Live Chat Optionyes
Free Shippingno
Payment Methods
American Expressno


Domain Information

This pharmacy was first registered by Rebel Ltd, a company that operates a chain of online chemists on September 16, 2002. The domain name expires on 20th March 2027.  The lifespan of the domain name is 25 years and some days which prove that this is a legit drug seller. The longer the lifespan of the domain name, the longer the assurance of long-term business with this company.



Business Profile

The company is located in the USA. There are no uncertainties about the location of this pharmacy as opposed to many online pharmacies. This makes it appear genuine. The online business has a very great rating on ScamAdviser making it appear legit. It is considered safe for transacting with especially when using your funds. This pharmacy has been in existence for almost 26 years and still doing business. That gives it a higher trust rating as compared to online pharmacies which have been in existence for a short while.



Regulatory Approvals

On checking this specific pharmacy on LegitScript, we noted that it has been classified as a rogue online pharmacy operator. This term is used to describe those pharmacies that do not adhere to the set standards of medicine and pharmacy practice. They are also termed as a rogue when they do engage in fraudulent and conmen activities. It will be better if you be cautious when you are transacting with this pharmacy. This is not something so good about the pharmacy. Not operating per the set standards would also mean selling non-approved or low-quality products to unsuspecting customers. Be careful!

rogue statusThis site is not registered with CIPA which is a licensing company for an online pharmacy. This means that if you stay in Canada, you will be getting drugs delivered on your doorstep which has not been approved by the country you are in. It is advisable to buy drugs from approved online pharmacies only.


Products and Pricing

The drugs sold by this online pharmacy include: Acid Reducers, acne reduction drugs, drugs and alcohol treatments, allergy reducers, alpha and beta blockers, Alzheimer’s disease drugs, cardiovascular drugs including angina pectoris, anti-amoebic, anti-convulsant, diarrhea drugs, coagulants blockers, anti-emetics, skin and beauty care, asthmatic drugs among many other drugs. They have a supply of almost all the drugs you might think of.

popular categories

From the look on the price tags of almost all drugs, they are very cheap or should we say discounted? The drugs are extremely cheap such that some drugs costs you low as $0.12. It brings up the questions as to why these drugs are so cheap.

products on sale


Payment and Delivery

payment options

The expected date of arrival of drugs after ordering and dispatch is around 10 to 25 days. This is a bit longer compared to other online pharmacies. The actual dates of arrival after dispatch are usually 3 -8 days of most pharmacies. This makes this pharmacy seem inefficient. Secondly, drugs are said to be delivered all over the world while they only deliver in selected countries. This doesn’t make the online pharmacy seem nice about their customer service and trust.

shipping details



According to TrustPilot, most of their comments are positive. Many online buyers have rated this pharmacy with 5 stars which proves that indeed it is a great pharmacy in terms of service delivery. Off all the approximately six thousand reviews, 86% are 5 stars while 9% of people rated the online pharmacy with 4 stars. This proves that one can trust this pharmacy with their products. The reviews on their website under most drugs are very positive. They have a tab where you write after purchasing the medication and it seems their customer service is really commendable!

positive feedback



In our respectable opinion, this pharmacy has a trust rating of 3 stars despite having some flaws, it still has the majority of the strong points. Their website has a great layout and great information about any drug that you would love to order. In addition, they also have a pop-up message of their customer service in case you get stuck while on the site. Generally, they are a good pharmacy.

(3 / 5)

Pharmacy Ranking

Our team has made a list of the best pharmacies which were reviewed by us and chosen to be trusted according to such points as provided location and physical address, fast delivery, good customer feedback, appropriate pricing and having proper registration to conduct the business of selling pharmaceutical products online. Look at this list and find the most convieneint services for yourself.  

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  1. has been great. They really try to accommodate you. I have ordered and received every order from them. The orders come from India. Takes bout 10 to 15 days to get the order.
    I continue to do business with them and have never had any problems with the products. The products are manufactured by legitimate drug manufacturers in India. They have some of the lowest prices in the industry. The quality is great.

    • Glad to hear that! Thanks for your comment, Robert! I’m sure it will help others to make the right choice 🙂

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