Common Infectious Diseases

infectious agents

Infectious diseases have become a common concern as of late because of the COVID 19 pandemic. In fact, the pandemic has become such a serious threat that all other diseases have taken a back seat, at least for the moment. However, they are not gone. Some medical professionals have raised concerns over the issue. They believe that the coronavirus pandemic has become such a prominent issue that people have started to forget all the other infectious diseases, some of which can prove to be fatal if you permit them to go untreated.

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main page Reviews – Unlicensed E-pharmacy

(1.5 / 5) is a drugstore platform with a large number of product categories. A Hong Kong phone number is listed at the very top of the e-commerce drugstore. In addition, you are able to get in touch with the customer service team using the Telegram messaging app. In this article, we will use verifiable evidence to figure out whether this online drugstore is safe to use. 

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main page Reviews – Operated by Unknown Actors

(2.5 / 5) is an e-commerce website selling hundreds of different generic as well as branded drugs. The e-pharmacy portrays itself as being located in the country of Canada. Furthermore, it works hard to give off the impression that it is being run by licensed health professionals. In this article, we will be sharing the findings from our in-depth research into the eligibility and whether it is actually safe to use. 

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main page Reviews – Basic Fraudulent Pharmacy

(1 / 5) is an e-commerce drugstore selling medication in alphabetically ordered product categories. At the top right of the pharmacy website, you have two buttons that link to the Android and iOS app stores. In addition to this, there is the US and also UK phone numbers visible in the top left of the pharmaceutical platform. In this article, we are going to provide an in-depth overview of the safety of this online drugstore.

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main page Reviews – Scam Likely from US

(1 / 5) is an alleged US-based internet pharmacy that sells men’s health pills at discounted prices to its customers. They also claim they have industry experience of over a decade and all their customers are happy with their products and services. They specialize in selling men’s generic health drugs and also offer excellent customer support to all their customers. Below is our comprehensive review of this drugstore that will give you all the necessary information about the pharmacy and its products.

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main page Reviews – Non-Verified Drugstore

(1 / 5) is an e-commerce website that hosts 38 categories. There is an incentive scheme on this drugstore website, where depending on how many products you buy you are able to qualify for free male supplement pills. You should be cautious of offers that may be simply too good to be true. In this article, we will be verifying the claims and promises made by this e-commerce drugstore. 

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main page Reviews – Fraudulent Pharmacy

(1 / 5) is a drugstore website that focuses entirely on selling male supplements. There are three ways to get in touch with the customer service team on this pharmacy website. You can do so using email, contact form, or by calling the phone number provided. In addition, they also claim to be based in the United States. In this article, we will be sharing the evidence that we have found out about this e-commerce website as well as establishing whether it is safe to use. 

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