Buying Cancer Meds from Online Pharmacy


Governments have known for a while now that many of their citizens prefer to acquire their medicine from the internet. However, they did not realize that this trend included cancer drugs. Even though the pharmaceutical arena is still working to identify more effective treatments for cancer, the few cancer therapies on the market are so expensive that patients are choosing to buy them from the internet. This is a problem because these patients rarely consult doctors before making such purchases. In effect, they are self-prescribing treatments for their ailments. Not only is this dangerous but the online pharmacies to which they have turned are untrustworthy. This has left them vulnerable to financial scams, not to mention counterfeit medicine.

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main page Reviews – Well Designed but Not Safe

2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5) is an online drugstore that sells a wide variety of products, including both prescription and non-prescription products. The pharmacy website has a very professional look, it is very well laid out and there is also a disclaimer located in the footer of the pharmaceutical website. A United States number can be seen at the top of the website and also a responsive live chat button that is always visible on the right side of the screen. Although this drugstore website looks very good, it is important to do some research in order to be able to verify if this pharmacy website is actually safe to use, we will be presenting our findings to you in this article.

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main page Reviews – Don’t Trust This One

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) is a young internet pharmacy with a shady background. Visually, the platform’s design is impressive. However, it has nothing else to show to prove that you can trust it. The company’s biggest weakness is all the gaps surrounding its business. The number of unanswered questions significantly exceeds the number of things that people know about it.

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main page Reviews – Genuine Canadian Prescription Service

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) offers virtual doctor prescription services to its customers in Canada. They are in this business for quite some time now, and all their doctors are fully licensed under Canadian regulation. Thanks to their fast and convenient service, you can order from the pharmacy of your choice, and their plans are also reasonably priced. Here is our review of the service that will help you decide whether to opt for their service in Canada or not.

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main page Reviews – Fine Outside, Rotten Inside

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) is a referral service. Even though their domain name suggests that they are a pharmacy, they admit on their website that they don’t have tangible stores from where they sell medicine. They exist as an online entity. A real pharmacy must have real premises from where it sells its medical merchandise. The absence of a tangible store makes a company a referral service, not a pharmacy. This website acts like it is a real pharmacy. Some people are bound to believe that claim. Referral services are problematic because it is difficult to determine the authenticity of the products they sell.

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main page Reviews – Very New E-Pharmacy

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) is a drugstore website that claims to sell hundreds of different drugs for a wide variety of health conditions. At the very top of the website, there is only a phone number for customers that are located in the United States. Thus signaling that this pharmacy website is located in that country or geographic area. Alternatively, there is a live chat feature that is available to use if the other contact methods happen not to work. In this article, we will be sharing our results from the research that we have conducted about this drugstore website.

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main page Reviews – Active for 9 Months

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) sells men’s generic health drugs at a reduced price from some of the world’s best suppliers. They claim to be in this business for over 7 years and offers a 100% free delivery guarantee. They also offer fast and secure payments so that your personal information remains safe during checkout. They also offer 24×7 live chat support to all their customers worldwide. Below is our review of this pharmacy that will give you a good idea of whether to buy their products or avoid them altogether.

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main page Reviews – Looks Like Fraud

1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5) is an online seller of men’s generic and branded health medicines at affordable prices. They have their customers located worldwide and sources all their health products from reputed and established suppliers worldwide. They also claim that all their drugs and other health products are thoroughly tested and come with quality control certificates. They also offer rapid customer support and fast worldwide shipping for 100% customer satisfaction.

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